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Got questions? Comments? Wanna get involved with SIPtemberfest? We are always looking for some fun and energetic folks to join our team of volunteers. If you are interested in working with some of the coolest people on the planet at one of the coolest beer fests ever, then this is the job for you!! Sign up today!

We are currently filling our brewer and food vendor booths. To find out more please contact us for information. NOTE: SIPtemberfest operates the Hop Shop, a beer-related retail booth on Saturday. We do not have individual retail booth spaces, but if you are interested in selling some of your beer-related items in our Hop Shop, contact us for details.

How to sign up for Fresh SIPs – See the box at the top right of this page and follow the prompts. We cannot sign up for you, even if you email us and ask nicely – it’s just not how  it works. Contact us if you have problems, but hopefully you won’t! Also, once you have signed up, please make sure you get the confirmation email and check your spam filters to make sure our emails go to your inbox!


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9 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi Meg, I just sent you an email & would love to speak with you further! I am Joy, a face painter. Maybe you would consider having me at this year’s Siptemberfest to occupy the little ones while parents drink & or for the adults to get fun face & body painting?

    You can see my website at


  2. Hi,
    I’m bumbed that you guys are all sold out for this weekend, but that my fault for slacking. On the website it says that tokens will be on sale after 230. So does that mean I can still go.


    • Sorry Billy.
      We cannot sell extra tickets – we have a limited number of extra tokens for sale, yes. But that doesn’t translate into extra tickets (it has to do with the number of glasses we have and other things.)
      You can, however still come! It’s open to anyone and in the off chance that there are some no shows, we might be able to hook you up on the day of – but no promises. The MRG pub is open so you can get wine and bottled beer from them, and take part in the live music and general fun-having at the event!

    • Patience is a virtue! We have it – it will be posted this week. In fact we’ve already posted about 16 of our 19 brewers. But if you sign up for “fresh sips” on the top right you’ll get our posts emailed directly to you! thanks and cheers!

  3. What is the ticket purchase policy? how many tickets can one SIPper buy on Monday morning at 7:00 AM? I need four for dinner and for Saturday, but need to know how to manage my computer time Monday morning. Thank you! I appreciate your help! Sincerely, Cris Blackstone

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