COVID Protocols

SIPtemberfest will require proof of COVID vaccine for all staff, volunteers, brewers and attendees upon entry to our event. This is non-negotiable.

Ticket holders who do not want to get vaccines may request a refund until we sell out, or Sunday, Sept 5 at 5pm, whichever comes first.. Anyone who shows up on the day of without proof of vaccine will not be allowed to enter, regardless of ticket status or other involvement in the event.

Other Safety Precautions:

  • Sanitation Stations We will have hand sanitizer and glass rinsing stations scattered about the event. Please rinse your glass out before getting your next beer sample. If you would like a mask, we will have some at the front gate.
  • The Base Lodge Will Be CLOSED to the Public. In an effort to get as much fresh air as we can, SIP will be entirely outside this year. This means that General Stark’s Pub will be closed all day and even the bathrooms inside will NOT be accessible to the public during our event. We will have extra portolets available. We understand this might be an inconvenience but this is simply a safety precaution.
  • We are not using our signature wooden tokens this year. In an effort to reduce touch points we will be using paper tickets. Furthermore, when we stuff your glasses with your tickets, we will be wearing masks and gloves.
  • A Slightly Smaller Event We reduced numbers at SIP this year but not by too much! With a few less brewers, food vendors and attendees we will be able to spread things out a little more. Please observe that the Porch in particular will have a different ‘flow’ to it this year.

And now for some Q & A:

  • But it’s an outside event! True, but it’s a beer fest. Take it from our clean up crew: you people are filthy!! But seriously, even with reduced ticket and brewer numbers, it’s not that big a space and there are still plenty of those pesky ‘touch points’. We are a small team and we can only do so much additional sanitation on top of the other things we need to do. So if we’re all vaccinated we will be much safer.
  • Why can’t we just wear masks if we don’t have the vax? Let’s be real: Once you start drinking, you will not be using your mask or at least not in a way that would honestly be considered ‘effective’, right? Sure, maybe you would be good about it, but we all know that many will be awful at it. So it’s just easier if we’re all vaccinated and then wearing a mask is just a bonus and a personal choice.
  • Couldn’t you just take our temperatures and ask for symptoms instead? We could. But then we’re back to the mask thing again and honestly, it will be a lot easier if we all just get the vaccine.
  • What if I have a negative COVID test within 48 hours of SIP? That’s great! But here we are, at the mask thing again. Getting the vaccine is safest way to go.
  • What if I don’t want to get a vaccine? We will miss you. You can come back when you get your vaccine. See below for how to request a refund.
  • What about kids 12 & under or Designated Drivers? Underagers who aren’t age-eligible to get their vaccines are welcome to attend but if your child can walk around on their own, they must have a mask on at all times. Underagers & Designated Drivers who are eligible to get their vaccines must still show proof of vaccine to enter.
  • What if I am over 12 years old but have a preexisting condition? The CDC has been pretty clear that the vaccine is safe for most people. Click here for more details about this. If you are not eligible for a vaccine due to a medical condition contact us.
  • Is it even legal to require a vaccine to enter? Yup. 100%. We are well within our rights to ask for your COVID vaccine card and can absolutely refuse you service if you cannot provide it. For more details click here.
  • Refund Requests If for whatever reason you don’t want to get a vaccine and would like a refund on your tickets, we will be accepting refund requests until we sell out or Sunday, Sept 5 at 5pm, whichever comes first. Click here to learn how to request a refund. Once tickets sell out, our Facebook Invite will serve as a trading post for ticket sellers and buyers to deal directly with each other. Requests received after we sell out, including requests that come in on the day of SIP will be considered starting Monday, September 13 so our staff can focus on their jobs. Late requests are not guaranteed approval.
  • What qualifies as “proof”? Currently we are asking for the card you were given upon receiving the vaccine. It should say CDC on the top right hand corner and have your name, date of birth, which vaccine you received and when you were vaccinated. While some states like New York are developing digital vaccine passports, for the time being, your original CDC issued COVID vaccine card is the proof we’re looking for. See this link for some helpful info, especially if you can’t find your card.

NOTE: Any and all comments of a negative tone will be ignored and deleted.