What is SIPtemberfest?




Back in 2008, three folks who really like beer, really like festivals and really like the Mad River Valley, decided we wanted to bring the fun of a beer fest back to the Valley and that the only way it was going to happen was if we pulled up our bootstraps and did it ourselves!


We lost SIP 2020 to COVID, so 2022 will mark the 14th anniversary of SIPtemberfest, and though we’ve outgrown the deck, we still only have around 24 brewers and only about 800 tickets, making it the Best Little Beer Fest in Vermont. We’ve always offered people an unparalleled craft beer experience in the unique setting and familiar and cozy vibe of Mad River Glen. And with limited tickets, lines are never too long so you can meet and talk to the actual brewers. The beers are amazing, the people are cool, the food and the music are local and awesome, and -rain or shine- it’s always a great time.

It’s amazing to look back and think how far we’ve come over the years! Your support has helped build us a reputation for being one of the best beer fests around and there are some awesome beer fest in Vermont! Obviously, we couldn’t get here without the continued support of our fans, friends, family and the incredible community that surrounds us. After all, what’s a party if no one comes?

Our 2022 event will be at Mad River Glen, Saturday, September 17, 1-5pm. As always, we simply hope to make SIPtemberfest better than ever! Be sure to sign up for our Fresh SIPs (top right hand side of the Contact page,) so you can get all our updates emailed directly to you. You can also find us on Facebook & Instagram.

Thanks again for your support of all things craft beer – CHEERS!

-Team SIPtemberfest

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14 thoughts on “What is SIPtemberfest?

  1. Greetings
    I am a beer label artist and I create and sell numerous beer themed items. Table tops,wall art ,collage posters ,ceramic cheese boards and my best seller hundreds of different beer label ceramic drink coasters. Do you have vendors at your beer event? My work can be found on Facebook at Ifyoupourittheywillcome or rdhutchins23

    1. Thanks for your note Rich. At the moment, we only have beer and food vendors, but if we decide to expand we will let you know! Thanks and in the meantime, keep up the creative work! -m

  2. Loved last years Siptemberfest. It was a great time. This year you should consider bringing the beer vendors off the deck to alleviate some of the congestion. Looking forward to this year!

    1. Thanks David! We agree. Expanding the layout across the base area is at the top of our list of improvements for the 2011 SIP!

  3. We have a house at MRG. Would love to know if/when Sipfest 2011 is planned. Do you have an e-mail list I can join for that event? Can we suggest a brewer? We have a friend who has won golds and silvers at various national events and will be up and running with a new small-batch brewery in South Royalton this spring.

    1. All great questions!
      -Siptemberfest 2011 will be 9/24
      -You can subscribe to this blog and when we post any updates, they will be emailed right to you. (There’s a link on the right – fresh sips.)
      -We’d love to hear about any brewers we should try to get! All brewers who pour at the sip must be licensed with the state, (so no home-brewers.) Please send us some links and any other info to meg@gmavt.net.
      Thanks and Cheers!

    1. Hey Brooks! Not sure if you saw my response to your other note –
      No! You pregnant wife does not need a ticket. Only people doing the tasting need tickets. Underagers, designated drivers and pregnant wives are all free!

  4. SIPpin’ count down begins! I predict lots of sunshine and lots of sunny people. I can’t wait to head North and I especially appreciate the kind consideration of the folks that started this for the very “reasonable dog rules” communicated – makes sense to me! AND I will be sure not to listen to the weatherpeople and watch doppler on my own 😉


  5. Hello! I have already made arrangements to be there, headed up from southern RI on the 24th – and looking for some competition to Berkshire Brews 😉 ! I will be @ a B & B in SouthStarksboro: are well behaved Golden Retriever’s on leash/harness allowed at this venue? Do you need additional volunteers – my boy Kaleb can watch the keg? I would like to enjoy some brew, catch up with my friend Jen Langille (a volunteer and native) and experience a true VT beer experience. I have only experienced VT from the trail and would like to find out what makes you guys so much fun and catch, take home a bit of your fun flair.
    Please let me know if I can help in any way,

    Kindest regards,

    Kristin and Kaleb

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