Thirsty Work

Over here at SIP Headquarters we are busy getting all the final things ready for next weekend, not the least of which is the beer menu! But we have lots of things to share with you so crack one open and check out the thirsty work we’ve been doing!

  • If you haven’t secured your tickets yet, we only have about three dozen tickets left! Online sales end on 9/18 and we will NOT have ticket sales at the gate. Click here to get your tickets right now!
  • We are excited to announce that we will have some FREE SAMPLES for you this year! Check out KIS Kombucha, Cold Brewtus and Flourish Farm. Stop by these booths and check out their offerings without the need of a token. These samples are still intended for SIP ticket holders ONLY. But if you are a designated driver and would like to sample these things, you can stop by Will Call and we will hook you up.
  • If you were thinking of stocking up your fridge with some beer or cider, we would recommend going to one of our sponsors: Hunger Mountain Coop, Craft Beer Cellar or Mad River Taste Place! Plus MRTP is raffling off 3 pairs of VIP tickets! Every beer/cider purchase gets entered in their drawing! These VIP tickets include a t-shirt or hat, a meal voucher and more and they are not available for purchase.
  • If you need lodging, we recommend checking out our lodging partners! Click here for more details. Nothing like staying at a really cool venue to make your beer-fest weekend even that much better!
  • Once again our friends over at Hostel Tevere are hosting our Prost Party! So after we shut down the taps, continue the SIP weekend by heading over for a-maz-ing burgers, live music and of course more beer!
  • Yes, it’s sad but true: we’ve cancelled the Sunday portion of our event – SIPCoffee. So if you were thinking of stopping by on Sunday, we’d like to instead recommend trying out some of the area’s breakfast and coffee places like The Sweet Spot, The Big Picture and others. Stay tuned for info about future coffee events by following Meg’s Events on Facebook & Instagram, and please contact us if you have more questions.
  • Finally, we’ve finalized the Beer Menu! Click on the image for a closer look. Don’t forget there will be some free samples in addition to the great beverages! There will also be a Hydration Station with FREE WATER – BYOBottles –  and booths from Mad River Glen, The Stark Mountain Foundation and UVM Business of Craft Beer.


It’s a Beautiful Day

Today is so dang beautiful, huh?! It’s sunny and 74 with a light breeze. It’s Friday and the weekend is knocking at the door. We’ve been jamming to great tunes while fixing tents and umbrellas, counting tokens and hops decorations, learning about edible crickets (yes, you read that right,) and figuring out what color hoodies we’re getting this year. And on top of all that, just in time for Beer:30, we are so psyched to share with you this year’s poster, with original artwork by Cat Illustrates, including the much anticipated list of our 2018 brewers! Click on the image for a closer look.

We will have more news for you shortly but one thing you might want to know now is that while we still have tickets available, we’re not sure how long they will last and when they’re gone, they’re gone!  So don’t delay and get your tickets before it’s too late!

We will be in touch again soon with more SIP-info for you so stay tuned. But in the meantime, have a great weekend Team! Cheers!



Friendly Reminders

Rarely do I get to step away from my computer for any extended period of time during ‘event season.’ But last week, the stars aligned and the opportunity arose to go camping over the Summer Solstice. And I just couldn’t pass up the idea of four whole days without cell service, worrying only about how to keep the beer cold, the fire going and the bugs out of the tent.

Now I’m back, refreshed and relaxed, and smelling vaguely like a campfire. But I’m diligently cranking through emails and checking things off my To Do List like, for example, “Post to SIP about all the things.” So without further ado:

  • Today is the LAST DAY to vote for SIPtemberfest! We are a finalist for a Seven Days Daysie award for Best Beer Fest In Vermont!! We are also the smallest event in the running so we need all the help we can get! Please vote for us and spread the word! Voting ends June 25 at 5pm.
  • ONLINE TICKET SALES START TUESDAY, JUNE 26 at NOON!  No waking up early this year! We figured we would let you have a couple cups of coffee and maybe even get a little work done before tickets went live. Click the button below (which also works for Pop Up Tickets but you need to hit “enter promotional code,”):

Eventbrite - SIPtemberfest 2018

  • We are still looking for volunteers! Do you have a truck and like putting up or taking down fencing with fun people? How about checking tickets, or pouring beer, or hanging decorations? There are all sorts of things we need help with before, during and after SIP! Shifts are 4 hours and come with a t-shirt and entrance! Contact us for more details.
  • Pop Up Sale tickets are redeemable! Just to reiterate, that button above is also where you want to go to redeem tickets purchased at either of our Pop Up Sales. You must redeem your codes by AUGUST 31!
  • Check out our Lodging Partners! Are you traveling to SIP? Do you want to stay at a place with nice views, cool inn keepers, and refrigeration for your beer? All of our Lodging Partners can help help with that. Plus if you book with them, you are guaranteed tickets to SIPtemberfest, even if it sells out. Click here for more details.
  • Spam Check! Friends don’t let friends’ spam filters keep them from Fresh SIPs! Please check in with your friends to make sure our emails aren’t going to their spam filters. It has come to our attention that some of you are missing our posts, but unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about it on our end. So please help us by checking on your neighbors and spreading the good word.
  • Where else to find SIP info online: In case you want to double down on SIP Info, here are some good social media links for you to check out: Meg’s Events on Facebook, Meg’s Events on Instagram, SIPtemberfest 2018 Facebook Invite. Each of these links are good sources for the latest SIP Info – follow them all for best results!

Thanks Team! While it’s a bit of a downer coming back to reality after a nice digital detox in the woods, knowing that I’m working my butt off for fun things like SIPtemberfest makes it worth every WiFi’d second! I can’t wait to SIP with you all!

Thanks and Cheers,