Good Morning SIPshine!

Today is an exciting day! There is sunshine and the smell of fresh cut grass in the air, strong coffee in my mug (to be replaced by beer as soon as appropriate,) there are SIP coasters all over my office and there’s important mail to go out! Yes, today I’m off to the local post office to send out a boat load of invitations to all of the Vermont brewers to be a part of SIPtemberfest!

Many of you have asked us to “get” certain brewers, but it’s up to the brewers themselves whether they come!  So if you find yourself belly up to the bar of a brewer you’d like to see at the SIP, let them know how much fun you had last year that you hope to see them at the 2011 SIP!

And if you’re in the area this Saturday, our friends over at Sugarbush are having their new Solstice BrewGrass Festival from 3-8pm in the Lincoln Peak Base Area. Head up and check out a great selections of beers from all over and listen to really awesome live music! A wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon in Vermont!


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