Monday Funday!

As a general rule, there are rarely any honestly good reasons to get up early on a Monday. But this Monday, August 6 at 6am, SIPtemberfest tickets go on sale! Set your alarms and bookmark our page because you now have a 100% legit reason to get up that damn early! You’re welcome.

But wait – you might not need to get up at the butt-crack of dawn after all! You could be the winner of the very first pair of tickets to the 2012 SIPtemberfest!! All you have to do is write us a poem!

So grab some brain fuel (it’s been proven – beer makes men more creative,) get out your thesaurus, check out for a little help and get writing! There is no limit to how many poems you can enter. You can enter by commenting on this post, posting your poems on Meg’s Events Facebook page or our SIPtembefest Facebook Invite, or if you are a little more shy, you can email them directly to However you choose to enter, just make sure we can get in touch with you to let you know you’ve won!

The winner will be announced Sunday Night at 8pm right here on the blog and the lucky poet will win a SIP VIP package to Saturday which includes entry for two (10 tasting tokens and a souvenir glass each,) two meal vouchers and two SIPtemberfest t-shirts (which are going to be super cool, by the way!) And of course, they will get to sleep in on Monday! (Well, unless they also want to get tickets to our Friday Meet the Brewers Dinner & Tasting… Then they might need to get up anyway…)

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