SIPVIP Contest Winner #1

You guys are tal.en.ted. Wow. We received nearly two dozen odes to beer & SIPtemberfest, proving once again that beer really does make us more creative.

This was a hard decision but there can only be one winner (for now.) However, because there were so many great entries, in addition to sharing our winning poem with you, we are also sharing some of our favorites who all get honorable mention and if they email us at, we’ll send them a 2011 SIP t-shirt!

Winners of each of our SIPVIP contests get the following:

  • Entry for two (10 tasting tokens and a souvenir glass each) to SIPtemberfest
  • Two 2012 SIPtemberfest t-shirts
  • Two meal vouchers
  • More fun swag!

If you didn’t win this time, don’t sweat it. Tickets go on sale in mere hours (click here to buy yours – they go on sale Monday, August 6 at 6am.) PLUS we will have two more chances for you to win SIPVIP packages so stay tuned! We’ll even tell you what they are so you can prepare:

  • Contest #2 – Caption Contest – This is exactly what it sounds like: we will post a photo and you provide the caption. The best caption will win a SIPVIP package!
  • Contest #3SIPphoto Contest – You have leftover tokens, you bought a SIP tshirt, you have an old SIP glass and you’ve stolen several of our SIP coasters from your favorite Vermont watering holes. Take a photo of your SIP swag and email it to We will post an album and the photo with the most likes wins a SIPVIP package!

Finally, we will be giving away two tickets to our Meet the Brewers Dinner to one lucky winner. Fancy-schmancy! All you have to do to enter is RSVP Yes or Maybe to our SIPtemberfest Facebook Invite! Low degree of difficulty, high level of reward. What are you waiting for?

Read our top SIPoetry entries, incuding our winner for a little inspiration, grab a nice cold beverage, cheers & good luck!

SIPoetry Contest Top Poems

Honorable mention #4 by S. Ryan, VT

I. Love. You. Beer.

Oh, beer. Beer beer.
Beer I beer beer.
Beer beer love beer.
Beer beer beer you.

Honorable Mention # 3 by L. Godwin

SIP Acrostic

Fun –

Honorable Mention # 2 by E. Stoller, NY

(To the tune of Little Tea Pot)

I’m a little beer keg
Dark and stout
Here is my spigot
Where is your mouth?
When I get all pumped up
hear friends shout
and don’t pass out!

Honorable mention #1, J. Knoop, VT:

God of Brew

When I get home and I’m weary
Just pour me a beery
And I’m the happiest hard-workin woman alive
It’s got hops or it’s malty
With something salty
Just make it a cold one and make it arrive

Any old brew
Makes me feel bandy-new
Nutty, light, copper or home-made moonshine
Don’t matter who’s pourin or poppin the top
Have one in the mornin or wait til 5 o’clock
Beer, oh, beer, any kind is just fine

When I go out on the town
And I’m gonna get down
Pour me a big cup of that stuff
Make me flirty or silly
Just don’t make me dizzy
Guess that last one was more than enough

But would I take it back?
Just cut me some slack
Though it’s not a flavor I’d like to repeat going out
I can’t help but thank you,
Oh, God that is Brew,
For a fresh sip of life
To lighten my plight
And God save us all from the gout

SIPoetry Contest WINNER, by W. Olsen, NY

How My Marriage Was Saved by Beer

The kids are where
All is innocently lost
In bubbly ascension

Strong days come too often
I’m sorry, you’re worth the cost
Of my attention

You should laugh at me
For I’m the moss
That grows invention

Let’s keep filling up the years
Even though I’m the boss
With love,
Your favorite beer

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