In honor of the mere 10 tickets remaining to SIPtemberfest’s Friday Meet the Brewers Dinner, we offer you the Top 10 Reasons you should snag one of these puppies before they’re gone:

  1. You get to hang out with Vermont Beer Royalty. Mike Gerhart of Otter Creek Brewing and Sean Lawson of Lawson’s Finest Liquids are both prestigious award winning brewers. But even when they aren’t wearing all their bling around their necks, their knowledge, dedication and passion for craft beer are self evident so it’s no surprise these two are at the top of the pack in a crowded Vermont craft beer scene.
  2. You get to hang out with two wild and crazy guys. Not only are these guys two of the best brewers in Vermont, they are also two of the coolest, most laid-back beer geeks in the industry. Their knowledge of beer and brewing is immense but they are equally funny and easy going, and check their egos at the door.
  3. You might learn something. Mike and Sean will introduce their pairings for each course, explaining why they feel their selections work with each item on the menu. And if they don’t answer all your questions, you’ll be able pick their brains right there on the spot and see if you can’t pick up a few nuggets of hop-wisdom.
  4. You will love the food. There will be four courses of exquisite food prepared by Mad River Glen’s Mike Witzel. Most people know Mike for his belly filling apres-ski food, but he’s also a classically trained chef and will be serving up a dinner that will be as equally top-quality as the beers that Mike and Sean pair to it.
  5. You might win something. Our sponsors have generously donated some amazing prizes that will be given away on Friday. The prizes include brewery lunches, hats, glassware, gift certificates to some great restaurants and of course SIPtemberfest merchandise. All prizes have been beer-geek approved!
  6. You can call it a Date Night. Friday’s Meet the Brewers Dinner is an awesome excuse for a date night! It’s a fancy enough dinner that you can wear that nice outfit you ‘never have any place to wear.’ But it’s still casual enough that you’d pass if you just take a shower and wear a clean shirt. Plus this event is far more interactive than dinner and a movie, making for an evening full of great conversation as well as great food and beer!
  7. You might be in for a surprise! That’s all we can say about that. Sorry! We don’t want to ruin the surprise!
  8. You can make up for not getting Saturday Beer Tasting tickets. Say you didn’t get the memo and Saturday’s tickets were sold out by the time you got around to purchasing some. Oops! Well Friday’s Meet the Brewers Dinner is one heckova consolation prize. You’ll get to try tons of great beer, you won’t need to wear a raincoat if the weather is bad, you’ll get a souvenir glass and a menu and we’ll have SIP Merchandise for sale so if nothing else, you will have 2013 SIPtemberfest trophies to place among your other beer-geek paraphernalia. (PRO TIP: Sign up for FRESH SIPS on the top righthand side of the page and get these posts emailed directly to you and know exactly when tickets go on sale next year!)
  9. You can try something new at Saturday’s Beer Tasting. If you did get the memo and have tickets to Saturday’s main event, you can save yourself a wait in the lines of Lawson’s and Otter Creek and check out some of the other incredible brewers that you may not have ever heard about. Or maybe you’ll just lap the Lawson’s and Otter Creek lines until they’re sold out – it’s a tough call.
  10. You hate hearing me say ‘I told you so.’ Did I mention there are only 10 tickets left to this event? And by the time of read through this whole post there may be even fewer! This means that if you don’t act quickly you will be on the wrong side of another ‘Sold Out’ post… so don’t make me say it!

This is a limited space event so when these tickets are gone, they’re gone. Get your tickets before it’s too late! Cheers!

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