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SIPtemberfest is put on by the hard working crew at Meg’s Events. Meg’s Events is involved in lots of other great events, some of which are beer-related like the upcoming Hop Jam, others are not, like the half-dozen plus upcoming private weddings on their schedule. And as we were going through our crazy schedules, we discovered a little snag in the scheduling of our Lottery ticket plan – don’t worry – it’s an itsy-bitsy totally solvable snag… Our original plans conflicted with an 8 hour train ride and we’re just not that confident we will be able to manage the lottery whilst riding with Casey Jones.

So here’s all the stuff:

NEW PLAN for our Lottery: You can ENTER NOW! You many enter up to 4 times per email address. We would love to hear some more dish from you too, like why you should get to go to SIP and/or any good beer jokes you might have – couldn’t hurt your odds, right? Entries will be accepted until Monday, July 27th at 8pm. After that we will notify everyone with either a ‘Go’ or ‘No go’ on Tuesday, July 28 by noon. Twenty-five entrants will be sent instructions on how to purchase their two SIP tickets. The rest will get beer karma points for their efforts.


  • Go to THIS LINK! We’re totally poaching Hop Jam’s website to do this for two reasons – their site is way more tricked out than ours and can take info in ways we can only dream about, and you should all know about Hop Jam anyway because it’s a dang fine beer event in its own right!
  • Fill out the content and hit Send. You will NOT get any confirmation other than a little thank you note on the page saying that we got your entry.
  • Repeat! You can enter up to 4 times per email address. The drawing will be random, but in the interest of spreading the tickets around we will not award anyone more than one pair of tickets. Bonus points go to those who submit extra content with their entries. Send us stories, jokes, poetry, etc. – we love that stuff!

That’s it! Good luck and cheers!

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