Panic Button!

HomerButtonTicketsTomorrow. 7am. Online sales for SIP tickets start.

If last year is any indication, we will sell out quickly. The good news? We had some extra tickets from our Pop Up Sales so we added them to tomorrow’s lot. The other good news? If you don’t manage to snag SIP tickets online, there still a chance to enter our lottery for a chance to purchase one of the last 25 pairs of SIP tickets. You have until Monday July 27 at 8pm. The last bit of good news? If the universe shuts you out of SIP entirely, there are still lots of other great beer fests we recommend like Hop Jam and the Eat x NE Brewhaha.

But don’t panic! You can cue up for tomorrow by clicking on the button below.

Eventbrite - SIPtemberfest 2015

Thanks as always for your support and may your beer karma earn you just what you’ve been sipping for!



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