Why Did the Chickens Cross the Road?

Why did the first chicken cross the road?

To remind you to set your alarms for Tuesday, June 20th at 7am!  Tickets for ALL THREE SIPtemberfest events will go on sale at that time. We have added the leftover pop up tickets to the online allotment for SIPBeer, which means there will be more tickets available than usual, but we still suggest you get up early and don’t dilly-dally! Plus, there are less than 60 tickets available for our final SIPDinner and SIPCoffee tickets could go quickly – only time will tell. So preprogram all the things to help your morning ticket purchasing efforts go smooth as buttah. More ticket info here.

Also, if you purchased tickets at one of our pop up sales, they are all redeemable now. You must redeem them by August 31 so just get that over with and click the button below to claim them now!Eventbrite - SIPtemberfest 2017

Why did the second chicken cross the road?

To announce that we are ADDING A NEW SHUTTLE PICK UP LOCATION! We will offer two shuttle pick ups in two locations this year. Parking has always been tight at MRG and this year it will be even more cramped as the state does not want anyone parking along the side of the Rt 17. There’s a very real chance that cars could be towed. So please, if you’re not taking the FREE shuttle, CARPOOL, be respectful of our parking attendants and do NOT park on the side of the road!!

Shuttles will pick up at Hostel Tevere and a spot centrally located in Waitsfield, TBA. Pick up times are currently scheduled for 12pm and 12:40pm. YOU MUST RESERVE YOUR SEATS WHEN YOU PURCHASE TICKETS!! So huddle with your posse and come up with a plan to pile the team into one car, or coordinate which bus you want to ride. Each bus seats 40 people.

Why did the third chicken cross the road?

To get a couple beers out of the fridge to share with the other two girls while they made their plans for SIPtemberfest weekend. Cheers!

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