Sunshine & Daysies

In 2016 our Team Captain, Meg, of Meg’s Events, was named by Seven Days as Vermont’s Best Beer Geek Enabler, a special Gnome-town Heroes designation that was a part of that year’s Daysies awards.

Clearly she has been living up to her title because this year, SIPtemberfest is a finalist for the brand new category of Best Beer Fest in Vermont! Woot! We are super dooper honored just to be a finalist but it would be wicked cool to take home the bacon too! Please vote for us at this link or by scanning the QR code in the image in this post. And while you’re there, please vote for our SIP colleagues such as Craft Beer Cellar, Lawson’s Finest Liquids, Chocolate Thunder Security, Hunger Mountain Co-op and many, many more (Pro Tip: jump the the ‘Drink’ Category)!

Next year we are going to suggest that Seven Days adds a Best Event Community award because you all would win it!  But it’s seriously: we never would have made it this far without the ongoing support of our incredible fans and the entire SIPFamily. You give us something really special to look forward to each and every year. So thank you, thank you, thank you! And GO TEAM!


-Team SIP



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