What day is it!?

In the fifteen years we’ve been holding SIP, we can honestly say we’ve never been more excited than we are now! Supply chain and staffing issues, internet trolls, bank mergers and other new and unusual hurdles have really tested us, especially these last few weeks! But while our team is small – extra small this year – we are resilient and resourceful and we’re so excited to be nearing the finish line. Suddenly we’re just a few hours away and we’re all SQUEE! Soon we drink!

So on that note: below is a list all the things you want to know for this weekend. Have a gander and follow us on Facebook & Instagram for more info and updates.

Thank you so much for your continued support of our event! SIPtemberfest wouldn’t be the same without you!

Cheers & see you all soon!



  • Your ID & ticket (you must have BOTH.)
  • Cash or CC for visitor tickets, food and merch sales onsite.
  • Sturdy footwear – this is a ski area with variable terrain. If you want to wear cute shoes – go with flats. And don’t forget to check the forecast and dress accordingly (ie: layers!)
  • Water bottles are allowed but are subject to search, as are all bags! No outside alcohol allowed. There will be water stations where you can fill your bottles.


  • Lawn chairs & blankets – again, subject to search. And please be respectful not to take up more than a reasonable amount of space when you ‘park.’
  • Designated drivers & under-agers are totally welcome! These folks will need Visitor Tickets which can be purchased from our ticket checkers at the gate with $5+ donation to the Stark Mountain Foundation. Cash prefered.
  • Well-behaved leashed dogs with responsible humans are totally allowed. Dogs must remain on leash and you must be holding said leash at all times. No tying them up. No letting them wander. And 100% pick up after your dog.
  • COVID Masks – we will have masks and sanitizer for anyone who wants some. But we will not have any COVID protocols in place other than asking you all to use common sense and be respectful of those around you.


  • No outside alcohol. Duh.
  • No drones. Take as many photos with your phones as you like though!
  • No firearms or incendiaries. This is not the place for that.
  • No bad vibes. Again, duh.

See our Brewer Line Up here and more event details here!

On another note, if you are buying or selling tickets on Facebook, we have been infiltrated by a couple scammers. We’re trying to hide their posts, but we are super busy, so please use your best judgement before paying anyone and request proof of ticket. You can also email us at siptemberfest@madriver.com and we will do our best to confirm ticket order #s and names in a timely fashion. Again, we are busy, but we realize this is a time sensitive problem so we will keep on it! You can also try selling and buying IRL at SIP on Saturday!

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