Vroom, Vrroom!

Git yer engines started because we’ve just set up our online ticket purchasing page with the good folks at TicketLeap again! You can now get one step closer to assuring you’ll get ten tokens and a souvenir glass and taste some of the best beer in the state on September 24 at the 2011 SIP!

For you computer-savvy types, you can add SIPtemberfest and even the very moment SIP TIX go on sale to your assorted smart calendars (google, ical and more,) so be sure to link yourself right up! For the rest of you, the ‘old fashioned’ method of circling dates on your wall calendar should work just fine!

Also, don’t forget that just like last year, if you RSVP to our Facebook Invite you’ll be eligible to WIN tickets and other fun SIP stuff!

Now, get off your computer – go directly to your nearest bar, refrigerator or cooler and crack open a cold one because it’s well-earned-beer o’clock!


Beer Infographic of the Week #1

What’s more fun than beer? Geeking out about beer! Duh.

With that in mind, I introduce the Beer Infographic of the Week. Each week we’ll post a new infographic for you to geek your way through. We have a great collection on tap so don’t forget to subscribe to our bloggitty-blog (over there on the right where it says “FRESH SIPS,”) so you don’t miss out on these or anything else SIPtemberfest-related, such as ticket info and other important updates!