Just like that

There are only a few tickets left to SIPtemberfest and if yesterday is any indication, don’t waste time – get your tickets before they go >POOF!< What’s Left? SIPtemberfest Meet the Brewers Dinner – Friday, Sept 27, 6:30-10pm – Only about 20 tickets left! This is an awesome way to take your beer appreciation toContinue reading “Just like that”

Monday Funday!

Oh my!! The one Monday of the year to actually look forward to! The moment that SIPtemberfest tickets go on sale! Monday Funday! Ok, ok. Not today. NEXT Monday. It’s ok to still hate today. But a week from today,¬†Monday, August 5 at 7am, tickets for SIPtemberfest will go on sale! (Woo Hoo!) We’re mixingContinue reading “Monday Funday!”

Q & A

My inbox has been flooded (poor choice of words) with SIPtemberfest questions of late.¬† But for all the questions you have, I have answers. Here they are, in no particular order: Question: I’ve heard about all the awful flooding in Vermont. Is foliage cancelled this year? Answer: Hell No! Vermont took a beating, there’s noContinue reading “Q & A”