Breaking News!

This just in! The 2011 SIPtemberfest will have a limited amount of beer from… (drum roll) The Alchemist!

Yes folks, the same people who just opened a kick-butt cannery and then suffered a brutal hit from Irene, are going to be at the 2011 SIP with  a “limited supply” of their amazing beer. Something is better than nothing, right?! What they bring and how much of it is still to be announced, so I will advise that you make them your first SIP when you get through the gate.

Tickets are starting to get low so get yours before I say ‘I told you so!” For $25 you get a souvenir glass and 10 tasting tokens. More tokens may be available for purchase but that is still to be determined. Purchase tickets online, or from a real, live, cool person at Hostel Tevere in Warren or Three Penny Taproom in Montpelier.


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2 thoughts on “Breaking News!

  1. Hi Meg – et al –

    I’m SO glad to see the Alchemist is going to be there (drinkin HT out of a can right now!) and if you get Hill Farmstead on board I am going to be even more insanely psyched for this event than I already am.

    More importantly though, my friend has bought a ticket but never received a confirmation email. Any chance you guys could resolve that? He has gotten charged. His name is Michael Ball.

    Robert A

    1. Hi Robert!
      Glad you’re as excited as we are about the Alchemist joining our line up. Ultimately it’s up to the brewers whether they come to SIPtemberfest. If you think we’re missing someone, your best bet is to tell them you want to see them at our fest!
      As for your friend, I see his name on our list – he got one ticket on 8/28. I know there is a way to check on your ticket status on TicketLeap’s home page… I don’t remember the exact process, but I do remember that it’s pretty easy. Shoot me an email if you can’t find it…
      Thanks and cheers,

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