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My inbox has been flooded (poor choice of words) with SIPtemberfest questions of late.  But for all the questions you have, I have answers. Here they are, in no particular order:

  • Question: I’ve heard about all the awful flooding in Vermont. Is foliage cancelled this year?
  • Answer: Hell No! Vermont took a beating, there’s no doubt. But we are tough cookies and with the help of our neighbors near and far, most areas that were hit by Irene are getting back to normal; many closed roads are now open, many closed businesses are back to work. And even if all that wasn’t true, foliage will never be cancelled! In fact, the leaves are just starting to tease us with a little color which bodes well for SIPtemberfest – Sept 24 should be excellent foliage viewing!
  • Question: I love the beer line up, but those aren’t all Vermont Beers. Or Beers, even…
  • Answer: Yes. True. SIPtemberfest is a Vermont beer tasting but we like to invite an out-of-state brewer or two to join us each year, because it’s the neighborly thing to do. This year, we welcome Smuttynose from over yonder in New Hampshire. Plus we might have a second out-of-stater to boot, so stay tuned. And Yes. True. We have two non-beer brewers in our Brewer’s line-up: Woodchuck Hard Cider and, new this year, Vodka from Smuggler’s Notch Distillery. Both offer a refreshing break from the hops, but still offer the quality and flavor we all love. After all, this is SIPtemberfest, not JustBeertemberfest.
  • Question: Are you going to have those super cool t-shirts again?
  • Answer: Oh yeah, you betcha! We will have them in a new color scheme, but we will have men’s and women’s cuts again. Plus we still have a couple t shirts from last year that you can snag for bargain prices!
  • Question: Is Phish playing at SIPtemberfest?
  • Answer: They are certainly welcome to! But if they are, they haven’t told me yet. We will have local favorites The Gulch and Abby Jenne & the Enablers. These two rockin’ Vermont bands that will challenge your dancing-while-holding-a-beer skills, so while you’re at Phish you should practice up.
  • Question: Can I bring my dog to SIPtemberfest?
  • Answer: We welcome well behaved dogs with responsible owners. This mean Fido can come if you keep him leashed, make sure he doesn’t bother anyone and pick up after him (because nobody like stepping in that $#!&.)
  • Question: What if I’m not drinking? Do I still have to buy a ticket?
  • Answer: It’s totally FREE  to come up to Mad River Glen, hangout and listen to music! This goes for designated drivers and anyone else who wants to come up and have a good time but not drink (examples include under-aged folks, pregnant wives, Alpine Limo bus drivers, dogs…) The Single Chair will be running for Foliage rides too!
  • Question: Is the Sausage guy gonna be back?
  • Answer: You know it! Joey from the Mad Taco will be doing his sausage thing again this year along with the General Stark’s Pub. Back by popular demand this year, we will also have the Skinny Pancake! Food is not included in the price of your ticket so remember to bring a little cash. (There is an ATM on site too.)
  • Question: How much are tickets and will SIPtemberfest sell out?
  • Answer: Tickets are $25 each and include 10 tastings and a souvenir glass. And will they sell out? Hard tellin’, not knowin’, but if the last two years are any indication, I’d say probably. You can get tickets online or in Warren at Hostel Tevere and Montpelier at Three Penny Taproom. If we don’t sell out in advance of Sept 24, we will sell tickets at the gate on the day of.
  • Question: Where’s a good place to stay if I don’t want to drive home?
  • Answer: The Mad River Valley has tons of inns and bed & breakfasts that would be awesome places to stay. You can check out the lodging listing at our Chamber of Commerce for more info. We will also have Alpine Limo running shuttle service throughout the day so perhaps if you talk to/tip the driver, you might be able to score a ride!

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