Spot the Shot/Haiku Contest – akaYour LAST chance to WIN!

Finally! Round 2 is over!

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Congratulations to Jo C. who was the first person to correctly identified the location: the best place to grab a bite in the Valley, The Mad Taco [And yes, Joey, aka The Sausage Guy will be back!]Ā  Congrats also to Kevin F. for coming up with one heckova caption for Round 2. You each won a FREE ticket to SIPtemberfest! Just like that!

For everyone else out there, you can still get your tickets online, at Hostel Tevere in Warren, or the Three Penny Taproom in Montpelier… Or you can try to win one of the last two tickets we are giving away… AND, as a bonus, the winners of these little contests will be getting SIPVIP Packages which include entry for one, a free SIPtemberfest T shirt, a meal voucher and other SIP goodies! Lucky ducks! šŸ™‚

The Last Ways to WIN:

  • One SIPVIP package for the first person to correctly identify the location of this shot
  • One SIPVIP package for the Best Haiku inspired by this photo (winner will be announced no later than Monday 9/19.)

UPDATE: WE HAVE A WINNER FOR THE SPOT THE SHOT! This photo was taken of our Phriends, Alpine Limo last night at in the parking lot of the Phish Flood Relief concert. But there is still time to win the Haiku Contest! So:

put on beer goggles,

flex your creative muscles,

do a few pint curls

(…and WIN!)

Good luck and game on!

Can you spot this shot?

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16 thoughts on “Spot the Shot/Haiku Contest – akaYour LAST chance to WIN!

  1. Thank you engine heat
    for warming my beer that is
    Me so likes flavor


    Heady Topper can
    Chrome built for craft beer lovers
    Get home safe in style

    1. WINNER! Congrats ML – there will be a SIP VIP package for you at the gate under your name.
      You get entry for one (a glass and 10 tokens)
      A 2011 SIP t shirt
      A meal voucher god with any of our food vendors and any other cool swag we come up with! Nice work!
      Please shoot me a note to confirm that you know you won! šŸ™‚

  2. This is not only Haiku, but a beer drinking cheer.

    For it’s hai hai ku Let us drink a beer or two Thanks Megen thru and thru

    1. You are correct, but someone beat you to the punch! Sorry! You can still enter the Haiku Contest though…

    1. Nope – good guess! But not at the parking lot of MRG. The hint is in the date… but we also already have a winner!

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