The Last Winner is…

The final winning ticket goes to (drum roll) ML McLaughlin who entered several times, but won with this one:

Bus us to the show * Dancing and drinking with friends * Alpine Limousine

Congratulations ML! There will be a SIPVIP package waiting for you under your name at will call! See you soon!

…And just like that, you are left with only one way to get tickets: to buy them. You can still find the precious few that remain at each of our ticket outlets, Hostel Tevere in Warren, Three Penny Taproom in Montpelier and online. If for some strange reason we don’t sell out before, we will sell any remaining tickets at the gate, but at the rate they are selling right now, I wouldn’t count on that…

Teaser: The Beer Menu is aaaaaaaaaaaalmost done… Just sayin’…




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