Patience is a Virtue

Have no fear, y’all! The team behind your favorite Vermont beer fest is getting busy putting together what we think is going to be the best SIP yet!

We have a bunch of new improvements – some small and some big – all designed to make your SIP experience better than ever. But we can’t tell you what they are yet because that would ruin the surprise! So hold tight – we will be releasing all sorts of tasty information for you shortly including who will be at this year’s SIP, when tickets will go on sale and more.

You can sign up for FRESH SIPS (top right hand side of this page,) to get these updates emailed directly to you, and/or  “like” Meg’s Events on Facebook so get the latest updates in your FB feed, and/or you can follow SIPtemberfest on Twitter! Thanks for your patience and we’ll get you your treat soon!


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