Disappearing Tickets

Day one of ticket sales and tickets are disappearing like cold beers on a hot day after a long hard stressful day of work. As of this post we’ve sold just shy of a third of our tickets so the good news is: We still have tickets to both events, so if you haven’t got your tickets already, we aren’t sold out yet! The bad news is: if you wait too much longer, you might just find yourself on the wrong side of “I told you so…”

For the creatively competitive beer geeks in the crowd, we offer THREE ways you can WIN tickets! Two contests for SIPtemberfest Proper (entry for two, two t-shirts and more!) which will take some creative muscle flexing, and one super-duper easy contest for our Meet the Brewers Dinner & Tasting (entry for two) that just requires a little click here, click there.

Check out your options and good luck:

  • Caption Contest Late August. This contest will require a little creative prowess on your part. At the end of the month, we will post a photo and you can provide as many awesome captions for it as you can think of. The best caption will win a SIPVIP package for two!
  • SIPphoto ContestStarting now until sometime in September. This contest might require a little more creative muscle power, but you know you have it in you! Just photograph your leftover tokens, old SIP t-shirts, old SIP glasses or some of our SIP coasters that you snagged from your local bar. Think outside the box and have fun with this one! Submit your photos of SIP swag as early as now by emailing them to siptemberfest@madriver.com. We will announce when the deadline will be (a couple weeks or so…) and then we will post an album on Meg’s Events Facebook page. The photo with the most likes wins a SIPVIP package for two (so call on your friends to help you out!)
  • Last but not least, the easy contest: We are giving away two tickets to our Meet the Brewers Dinner to one lucky winner who RSVPs Yes or Maybe to our SIPtemberfest Facebook Invite! This winner will be announced by the end of August so while this one isn’t hard, it won’t last forever so get on it!


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