We’ve had some questions come up a couple times recently so we’re going to address a the Top Ten for you here:

  1. What’s with this Dinner on Friday thing?  Great question. We are really excited to present this exclusive opportunity for people to drink & dine with two of the most reputable brewers in Vermont: Sean Lawson of Lawson’s Finest Liquids and Mike Gerhart of Otter Creek Brewing. Guests will get to try beers paired specifically to a four course dinner and take part in a Q &A session with these beer-connoisseurs. We are working on a couple surprises too! Tickets are limited so get yours while they last!
  2. So, for Saturday, I have kids/friends that don’t drink/pregnant wife…  No sweat. They don’t need tickets but they can totally come and hang out. Kids will love taking a ride on Mad River Glen’s Single Chair and we’ll have live music and great local food. Plus the General Stark’s Pub will be open to all so you can head inside and take a team-break from the fest.
  3. I take my dog everywhere! Can Spot come to the SIP?  Yes. BUT we ask that all dogs remained leashed and attended to the entire time – not everyone loves dogs as much as you do. We reserve the right to ask that misbehaving dogs be taken home, so if your four-legger is a mischievous one, maybe he should ride the couch all day instead.
  4. If I already bought my ticket and then I win one of your contests, can I get a refund?  Sure. We’d love for you to bring your friends too, but if you have no one to fill the tickets you’ve purchased, email us and we’ll work it out for you.
  5. When are you going to release the whole brewers list???  Soon – promise! But for now, you’ll have to manage with the Sneak Peeks we keep posting. We can tell you that we already have more brewers than ever, but we are still lining more up! And we have a couple of surprises in store for you too so stay tuned!
  6. What’s your sign?  Libra.
  7. Are you single?  That depends who’s asking. Are you independently wealthy?
  8. I from outta-town. Where’s a good place to stay in the area?  There are a ton of great places around here, but our personal favorite is the Hostel Tevere which will be hosting a killer post-party Saturday night and hangover breakfast on Sunday. But check the Mad River Valley’s Lodging listing, or the VT State Parks listing for more options. Staying in Waterbury or Montpelier areas will mean plenty of post-SIP options for you too!
  9. I’m not really into buying tickets online. Anywhere I can get them locally from a real live human being?  Yes! Hostel Tevere, Mad Taco in Waitsfield or Montpelier, and Three Penny Taproom are all selling tickets to Saturday. If you want tickets to Friday, you have to get them online, or you can email us if you really really really don’t want to use TicketLeap.
  10. How about transportation?  If you don’t have your own DD, you can take our FREE Shuttle – the Alpine Limo – that will be going between the Hostel Tevere and SIPtemberfest all day long. The schedule is still being finalized, but we’ll keep you posted on how that shakes out soon.

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