Autmntal Ticket Info

It’s official – the switch has been flipped. School’s back in session. Summer jobs are coming to an end. Flip flops and tank tops are getting pushed to the back of the closet in exchange for cozy sweatshirts and wool socks.  That’s it. Summer’s over.

But  that means Autumn is here! Bring on the foliage and the ski move premieres and the pie! And bring on SIPtemberfest! It’s only a week away!

Here’s a colorful but important list of what  you all need to know:

  1. ALL TICKETS WILL BE UNDER THE TICKET PURCHASER’S NAME AT THE GATE. You don’t need to print anything out. Just go to the line your name falls under and you will be checked in there.
  2. If you bought tickets for friends – please make sure you all arrive at the same time. Unless specified otherwise, all tickets will all be under the purchaser’s last name – see above.
  3. If you bought tickets from someone who can’t make it: BE SURE THAT BOTH PARTIES CONFIRM THE RESALE BY EMAILING US – IN ADVANCE! We take no responsibility if your name isn’t on our list and we won’t let you in without confirmation! Don’t start the day out like that!!
  4. ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE WITH SIP TICKETS MUST HAVE VALID ID UPON ENTRY NO MATTER WHAT! This means YOU! It’s a beer fest people. No moaning and groaning. Bring your ID or you’ll have to go back and get it. Period.
  5. Yes – if you don’t have a ticket you can still come, you just can’t try the beers. This means you can bring your friendly and well behaved dogs (on leashes!), children and friends. PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE THIS POLICY. We want you all to have a good time, but we are placing a lot of trust on your side of the court to be responsible and respectful. Don’t be “that guy who ruined it for everyone.” Thanks!
  6. Yes – there is food! We have returning favorites: the Skinny Pancake and The Mad Taco’s Sausage Guy. In addition to that we will have Scout’s Honor Ice Cream serving up some creative and tasty flavors. And the General Stark’s Pub will be open for seated service and will have wine and bottled beers too!

We will be posting all sorts of additional information this week so be sure to sign up for Fresh SIPs at the top right hand side of the page so you don’t miss a beat. This is also a good way to make sure you get the memo when tickets go on sale next year (hint.)

Stay tuned and see you all soon!


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