Putting the SIP in SIPtemberfest

A week from today about this time we will be in the midst of tasting some incredible beers. Wanna know what they will be?  Stay tuned all week as we count down the list!

We’ve already told you about some of our brewers this year, but did you know that we have distillers at the SIP as well? We don’t call is “SIPtemberfest” for nothing! These distillers are true artists in the industry and their products are of top quality while making sure their Vermont roots are apparent.

  • Smuggler’s Notch Distillery – If you were with us last year you got a chance to taste some of SND’s in-cred-i-ble vodka and probably thought something like “hot damn that’s good!” But if for some strange reason you thought they were a one trick pony, this year in addition to their award winning vodka, they are bringing their gin & rum both of which are sure to knock your socks off.
  • Caledonia Spirits & Winery – What better way to maximize your tasting experience than to have two distillers for you to compare and contrast! Caledonia Spirits & Winery offers beverages of equal craft and quality but with a distinctly different twist. They will be pouring their Barr Hill gin and vodka, but also have some cordials and even mead for you to sample! And while you can’t buy their beverages at the SIP, you can find them at multiple farmer’s markets and retail locations throughout the area.

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