That Guy

Each year we invite one out of state brewery to take part in our crunchy Vermont festivities. This year’s “That Guy” Out of State brewer is Sixpoint Brewery out of Brooklyn, NY and we are pretty sure if you aren’t already a fan, that you will be shortly.

You may have seen Sixpoint’s stylish cans in your favorite grocery store and thought “those aren’t from around here.” But if you’ve tried any of their beers, they will soon become regulars in your beer refrigerator, blending in nicely with all the native Vermonters in your inventory.

But if their beer meets the standards of Vermonters, their brewing philosophy is about as Vermonty as it gets, with a strong tendency to buck trends and stay on the fringe of mainstream. ” The fountainhead of our creativity cannot be confined to the shackles of “style guidelines” because style simply has no guidelines. Style is boundless, amorphous, restless. …We don’t reverse-engineer our beers to conform to dictated style guidelines. Instead, we gather our inspiration from what a beer could be… then pull back and aim to hit the bullseye of that potential.”

They will be serving three bullseyes at SIPtemberfest and it would be well worth your tokens to try them all.

  • Brownstone –  Brownstone is their “bedrock; the first fortress of Sixpoint.” It was the first beer of theirs to make it onto my beer shelf and it now makes regular appearances there.  This mahogany-hued brew has elements of roasted barley and a hop-forward profile.
  • Resin In a can that almost makes me feel like I’m some extreme dude brah with wings, this is a very cool beer with a very cool story. Resin celebrates the extraction of hop resin for a concentrated yet balanced brew. View the very cool story of Resin below.
  • Spice of Life – The Spice of Life Series is an ongoing, monthly installment in which Sixpoint produces a single-hop IPA with 12 different hop strains over the course of the year. All other elements of the recipe remain the same – the malt bill, fermentation regime, yeast strain, etc. The only ongoing variable is a different hop strain is featured each month. Under this “controlled experiment” one can appreciate the dynamic difference between various hop strains, covering a wide spectrum of flavors and aromas. Click here for more information.

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