100% Chance of…

Today’s the day! The tents are set up, the beer has been delivered and the forecast is calling for some early showers, clearing up in the afternoon with a 100% chance of fun and kick ass beer!

Gates open at 1pm! We know there was some chatter on the radio about 11am but that is wrong. (DOH!)  The Mountain runs foliage rides at that time, but the festival and festival grounds -including the MRG Pub – will be closed until 1pm so we can set up.

If  for some crazy reason you can’t make it and were hoping to sell your tickets,  we’re sorry but it’s kinda too late!  We check tickets in by purchaser name and while we do have some major insomniacs on our organizing team who don’t know how to stop working, we need them to help us set up so we can’t make anymore ticket name changes!

If you didn’t get a ticket, you can still come up and join us! It’s FREE to hang out, so even though the SIP is sold out, you can come party, eat, dance – you can even get beer and wine from the General Stark’s pub! Woo hoo!

Don’t forget – after last call the Hostel Tevere will be hosting the SIP Post Party! So if you haven’t planned ahead already, park at the Hostel, take our free shuttle courtesy of Alpine Limo to SIPtemberfest and back and maximize your fun-having!


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