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Vermont’s official state beverage is Milk. And while nothing goes better with a cup of cowboy coffee than some Vermont Farm Fresh, we think that there’s a strong case for changing our official state bevy to Craft Beer. The Green Mountains have more cows per capita than the rest of the country, but we also boast more breweries per capita than the entire Red, White and Blue. And in addition to having such a high concentration of craft brewers, we are home to some of the highest quality and most reputable beers and breweries in the world.  Vermont has serious quality in our quantity.

Vermont’s show of craft beer strength is due in large part to the support it has received and SIPtemberfest is a perfect example of that. There are tons of beer-lovers who are willing to travel from impressively far distances to taste the best beers they can find. Vermont has a crazy amount of passionate and talented brewers who love to share their brews with said beer-lovers. SIPtemberfest has always aimed to bring everyone to the party but this year with the generous support of the businesses who teamed up with us, we are pretty sure this will be the best SIPtemberfest ever!

Please be sure to thank these and all our sponsors for supporting SIPtemberfest and craft beer:

  • Three Penny Taproom – If you are looking for a beergeekasm, this is your place. The beer list is off the hook. The staff know their scheisse. Our Montpelier ticket outlet is easily one of the best bars in the area. They again have teamed up with the crew at the  Mad Taco  (our Waitsfield ticket outlet) to bring the sausages on Saturday. The Taco served as host to many an afternoon taco and beer meeting, as did Mule Bar  (our Winooski ticket outlet, located conveniently near Costco.) The team behind this awesome trifecta has blended cool, classy and casual with quality craft beer and food to create these little slices of beergeek heaven.
  • Hostel Tevere – Host to the SIP Post Prost Party, our Warren ticket outlet is the coolest bar you didn’t know about. Located near the bottom of the Sugarbush Access Road, Hostel Tevere makes for sweet apres spot whether there are fire flies or the snow flies. At the Prost Party you can expect some choice beers to be on tap so be sure to hit it up after SIPtemberfest!
  • Prohibition Pig – If you are still empty handed, the last Unicorn SIPtemberfest tickets will be given away on at Prohibition Pig on FRIDAY!  And if you are just looking for a good beer to put in that hand, this is still the place to go. They have beer and food menus that will have you filling in every nook and cranny you and your svelte figure can manage. Our Waterbury ticket outlet and Beer Aficionado Sponsor is a top destination for quality food, beer, and atmosphere.  They mean it when they say “Meat Here,,” offering up a never boring, always delicious menu that will pair with their equally impressive drink list. With an awesome and knowledgeable staff you can get an education with every course!
  • Mehuron’s Supermarket – This SIPtemberfest Beer Aficionado Sponsor offers a huge and quality selection of groceries with lots of local, all natural and organic options, they also house a huge beer (yes, you can find Heady Topper here – but don’t tell anyone!) and wine selection as well as the hard stuff. It’s the one and only stop you need to stock your beer fridge and your liquor cabinet full of beverages found at SIPtemberfest, as well as the rest of the groceries on your list!
  • Mad River Distillers – The Mad River Valley’s newest beverage is Rum! Also one of our Beer Aficionado Sponsors, MRD is just at the beginning stages of their distilled offerings but they have plans for an amazing line up of spirits and intend to woo beer lovers to the dark side, or maybe just the aged or silver side. Be sure to swing by their booth, sample their goods and then come back for more!

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