Finally! The day we’ve been waiting for has arrived and it promises to be a good one!

The forecast is calling for Sunny and 60s, the beer line up in the walk-in at Mad River Glen is nuts, and you look fantastic – did you do something with your hair!?

By now you should all know that gates open at 1pm and you must bring your ID! If you have further questions, we’ve probably answered them here so sift through the posts and the tabs because we will not be answering the phone, checking emails or webpage comments today.

If you missed last night’s Meet the Brewers Dinner, we would highly suggest you consider going next year because it was frickin’ awesome! If you were dining with Sean & Mike last night, let us know what you thought! Either way, check out some of the photos by Spencer Leonard Photography (he will also be on site today so be sure to smile for the camera!)

So that’s it – we’re turning off the computer and heading to the mountain to set up for the party! See you soon!

Thanks and cheers,

-Team SIPtemberfest

ps – Don’t forget to #SIPtemberfest!

just some of what will be on tap today

Killer Raffle Score – Autographed Double Dose Tap Handle, aka the Last Unicorn

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