Wanna know when SIP tickets go on sale??

Woo_hoo!_posterMondays. Generally speaking, they are the suckiest day of the week. But once a year, a certain Monday comes along and we suddenly channel our inner Homer Simpson and get all “Woo Hoo!! It’s Monday!”


Because SIPtemberfest tickets go on sale, of course!

Mark your calendars, preset your coffee makers and make sure your smartphones wake you up on Monday, August 4 at 7:35am (we’re letting you sleep in a little this year!) Tickets sold out extremely fast last year and we don’t expect that to change this year. If you want to be sure to score entry to Vermont’s Best Little Beer Fest, they you best not be caught on the ‘D’oh!’ end of ticket sales! Once tickets are gone, they’re gone!

PS: Wanna Volunteer?? Meg’s Events is looking for volunteers for SIPtemberfest and other killer beer-type-fests in the works. Contact us today!


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