HomerButtonTicketsOhmigawd – in only mere days, SIPtemberfest tickets will go on sale!!

In light of how quickly we sold out last year (less than 30 hours,) and how fast some other beer fests sold out this year (as few as 11 minutes,) we would like to prep you for what seems like a probable scenario: SIP tickets will very likely sell out faster than a prom dress comes off at midnight.

So, here’s a little run down for you:

  • NEW THIS YEAR: ALL TICKETS WILL BE SOLD ONLINE ONLY! We love our former local retail outfits, but it has been quite challenging to coordinate these sales. We’re a very small team and we’re pretty sure you’d all rather us spend our time working on the beer-end of things rather than the administrative end.  Thanks in advance for understanding!
  • You can buy up to 6 tickets per person! Please plan ahead if your entourage is larger than that.
  • Tickets go on sale at 7:35am on Monday, August 4. Set your alarm accordingly, pre-set your browser to this link and have your credit card handy so you can maximize your ticket purchasing potential.
  • Your call will be answered in the order that it was received. Ya know how if you call your insurance company on the phone and they put you on hold, and if you hang up and redial you’ll go to the end of the line? The same kind of thing could happen when you go online to purchase SIPtemberfest tickets depending the volume. So you might be put ‘on hold’ and it might appear as if nothing is happening. Resist the urge to refresh! Your computer is not frozen, you’re on hold! Pretend elevator music is playing or something and hang tight; refreshing your browser will lessen your likelihood of getting tickets.
  • Ticket to Ride New this year you MUST reserve a spot in order to use our Free Shuttle. It goes from Hostel Tevere to SIPtemberfest and back and it’s a sweet deal because we will have our Post Party at Hostel Tevere once again this year!! There will be 6 shuttles that will seat 14 people each and you will need to make your reservation WHEN YOU BUY YOUR TICKET! So caucus with your posse, decide which bus time you want in advance so you can breeze through this option when you buy your tickets. (SIP is from 1-5pm. ) Your Shuttle Options:
    • BUS #1 – 11:45am Pick Up, 4:45 Return
    • BUS #2 – 12:00pm Pick Up, 5:00 Return
    • BUS #3 – 12:15pm Pick Up, 5:15 Return
    • BUS #4 – 12:30pm Pick Up, 5:30 Return
    • BUS #5 – 12:45pm Pick Up, 5:45 Return
    • BUS #6 – 1:00pm Pick Up, 6:00 Return
  • In the event that you miss the opportunity to get tickets you will be routed to enter our waitlist. Eventbrite has a snazzy set up that will match you up with anyone who, for whatever crazy reason, needs to return a ticket.
  • WINNING! We always love giving away tickets so take advantage of all the opportunities you have to be a winner!! See our How to be a Winner page for more details.
  • Still have questions? Please use our contact form and we will do our best to answer your questions as best we can.

Ok – So that’s it for now team. Good luck, live long and prosper.


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