Warm Bud Light and Stale Pretzels

We can’t stop feeling so bad that so many of you wanted to come to SIPtemberfest and weren’t able to get tickets. We wish we could go back in time and have planned a second session for this year, but alas, our time-machine isn’t working so we’re stuck with things as they are: a 300+ person wait-list and plans to add a second session already in the works for 2015.

What’s even worse than letting so many folks down, though, is when we see people selling SIPtemberfest tickets for profit. We don’t mind if you resell tickets at face-value, but we take serious issue with anyone attempting to make a quick buck off of our hard work and someone else’s desire to attend. In a word, it’s LAME. We wish these people horrible beer karma: like warm Bud Light and stale pretzels horrible.

But we also need to caution anyone who might be tempted to buy from these lazy-preneurs: if you purchase tickets from a third party outlet (ie, not Eventbrite) THE BUYER ASSUMES ALL RISK! We cannot guarantee the validity of any off-market purchases so if someone is scamming you, you’re not going to get in at the gate no matter how much you paid! 

So please don’t be lame. If you have extra tickets, return them via Eventbrite so the people who are patiently waiting on our waitlist can get tickets. This will mean the most outstanding beer karma for you, like SIPtemberfest beer and food outstanding!


3 thoughts on “Warm Bud Light and Stale Pretzels

  1. I know no one is probably reading this email. But seriously! Is this suppose to make me feel better about not being able to get a ticket? A disclaimer like this is the result of a limit of 6 tickets per person and no local sales.

    I’m a local. I’d love to go. But I didn’t get the disclaimer that the sale would be started before the advertised sale time.

    And I have also volunteered to to organize the local sales cause I think that letting locals into an event like this is important. And if you don’t think I am capable of this call me for resume. 315-345-9221 office number 802-651-3201.

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    • Wow, I can’t wait to taste the vintage wine that’s being made by the above poster!
      Oops…or is that sour grapes 😦

  2. Hi Amanda,

    I read every word you wrote and understand your disappointment and frustration.

    While I agree with the policy that limits the number of tickets any one person can buy… especially when you consider all of the DBs out there scalping tickets or selling them to online ticket merchants for a profit… I absolutely disagree with the no local ticket sale policy.

    Did the event organizers forget their roots and the people (i.e. local ticket buyers) who made the whole notion of Siptemberfest initially possible?

    Given the circumstances the question begs to be asked: What happened to the “Best Little Beer Fest in Vermont”? Has the whole beer festival notion turned into a contest between individual brewers festivals to see who can “sell out” the fastest?

    It is a lame cop out (i.e. disclaimer) to say that it isn’t possible to make tickets available locally because of staffing/resources… And then to follow that with an announcement that a second session is being planned for next year. If the staff and/or resources to facilitate local ticket sales do not exist, where will the staff and resources come from to plan an event twice the size? Perhaps there is a bit of a contradiction here?

    With all of this said, admittedly, a lot of assumptions can be made about the how and why of this year’s ticket sales and organization of the event. Furthermore, it is easier to criticize the event organizers than it is to praise them for their efforts or to offer up realistic solutions. I for one do not have a complete understanding behind the organization of the event, nor do I possess the answers to all of the associated issues. Therefore, let us not forget that the event organizers have done a tremendous job year after year, under difficult circumstances, ensuring that the festival goes off without a hitch. So while it may be necessary to highlight some of the shortcomings, it is even more necessary to offer up support.

    As such, just as you (Amanda) mentioned, I would be happy to volunteer time to help organize this wonderful event, specifically, when it comes to local ticket sales, or in any other areas that need assistance. Why? Because that is what locals do.

    If that is something the event organizers are interested in, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

    Kind regards,


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