Warm Bud Light and Stale Pretzels

We can’t stop feeling so bad that so many of you wanted to come to SIPtemberfest and weren’t able to get tickets. We wish we could go back in time and have planned a second session for this year, but alas, our time-machine isn’t working so we’re stuck with things as they are: a 300+ person wait-list and plans to add a second session already in the works for 2015.

What’s even worse than letting so many folks down, though, is when we see people selling SIPtemberfest tickets for profit. We don’t mind if you resell tickets at face-value, but we take serious issue with anyone attempting to make a quick buck off of our hard work and someone else’s desire to attend. In a word, it’s LAME. We wish these people horrible beer karma: like warm Bud Light and stale pretzels horrible.

But we also need to caution anyone who might be tempted to buy from these lazy-preneurs: if you purchase tickets from a third party outlet (ie, not Eventbrite) THE BUYER ASSUMES ALL RISK! We cannot guarantee the validity of any off-market purchases so if someone is scamming you, you’re not going to get in at the gate no matter how much you paid! 

So please don’t be lame. If you have extra tickets, return them via Eventbrite so the people who are patiently waiting on our waitlist can get tickets. This will mean the most outstanding beer karma for you, like SIPtemberfest beer and food outstanding!

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