Just like that, SIPtemberfest 2014 is SOLD OUT! >Poof!<

benderthankyouFirst and foremost, we would like to issue a huge thank you to everyone for your overwhelming support of our little beer fest! It is humbling to see such mind-blowing demand for tickets and we truly wish we could accommodate you all!

Next, apologies to those of you who missed tickets. We don’t know how on earth it happened that tickets were available earlier than they were supposed to be, though we can surmise based on the length of our waitlist, (over 300 people as of this post,) that even if tickets had gone on sale as planned, there still would be plenty of sad faces today. For the conspiracy theorists in the crowd, please know that this is not an ‘inside job’ or some publicity ploy and no one is secretly benefiting from this. We didn’t lie to anyone about anything. We also have absolutely nothing to do with the wild rumors going around that Beyonce and Jay-Z might break up, though you are all entitled to your own opinions.

We’ve been asked a lot about why we opted to not sell tickets at local businesses this year. It’s not because we don’t want to support the local economy. We aren’t “turning our noses up to the locals” or trying to sell more tickets to out-of-staters. And we haven’t “gone mainstream” nor are we waiting to “collect our cut from scalpers.” As a teeny business ourselves, supporting other small local businesses has always been and still is important. We sold tickets locally in the past as a way to support the wonderful businesses that partnered with us. But this element of planning takes a tre-men-dous amount of time that, frankly, we just don’t have (repeat: we are a teeny business.) Selling tickets online certainly proved to have it’s fair share of time-comsuming, headache-causing glitches today, but all things considered, we are still very pleased with the outcome and have plans in place to continue supporting the businesses we partner with (see below.)

In light of the drastic increased interest in SIPtemberfest, we are already looking into ways to add a session to the 2015 event! It was a crap shoot whether to do this for this year and we bet wrong. We now have an increased appreciation for the pressures felt by unicorn-brewing breweries like Lawson’s, the Alchemist and Tree House; no matter how high we set our expectations, we are continually shocked and honored by the demand for our product. We thought only in our wildest dreams that we would sell out in mere minutes.  So to help us please as many of you as possible, we have compiled a generic beer fest survey for anyone who wants to take it (it’s quick and easy!) Your feedback will help us dial in both SIPtemberfest and all other beer fests our organizers have their hands in.

Speaking of other beer fests, we’d like to shamelessly plug a couple events that our friends at Meg’s Events are putting on. Whether you got tickets to SIPtemberfest or not, these are a couple of new events with plenty of tickets remaining as of this post, but of such quality that they will likely sell out too! Please check them out and get your tickets right away; you won’t regret it and we hate saying ‘we told you so’ – it’s a Win/Win!

  • The BrewhahaPart of the Eat by Northeast, September 19-20, Oakledge Park – This branny-new event is an exciting new collaboration with Meg’s Events, the Higher Ground & Skinny Pancake. At the Brewhaha, enjoy Vermont’s newest and smallest breweries, as well as specialty beers from other regional brewing luminaries. Tickets for the Brewhaha are now on sale! The Brewhaha is a part of Eat by Northeast, which aims to be the premiere fundraiser for Vermont’s local food movement.  The EatxNE is a free, all-ages festival that will celebrate our state’s vibrant culinary tradition through fun gatherings at the peak of our abundant harvest,  incredible live music, offer over 30 free educational seminars for entrepreneurs, families and gardeners on the business, preparation and cultivation of local food, and much more. 
  • Hop Jam August 30, Bolton Valley –  This fest will most certainly be different from SIPtemberfest, but at it’s core, this event is an immediate member of the SIPtemberfest Family. The beer line-up is nuts, the music will be amazing, and we’re very confident that you will love this party just much as SIP so be sure to get your tickets asap! Pro Tip: if you’re a beer geek, you’ll want to splurge on the VIP option. Get your tickets here.

For now, the only remaining ways to get tickets will be to volunteer or to try to win them! Both of these options accompany a limited number of tickets! We are partnering up with some area businesses to offer assorted raffle opportunities. We will update you all soon with these options – in the meantime, make sure you’re subscribed to Fresh SIPs so you get our updates emailed directly to you, and check out our How to be a Winner page.

Again, thank you for your support and stay tuned for updates!

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