It’s What’s For Dinner.

SIPtemberfest Meet the Brewers Dinner!

Friday, September 25 – TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT – Ticket includes a signature cocktail, a four course meal w/ beers, raffle ticket and souvenir glass. Only 70 tickets available. Doors & cocktails at 6pm, dinner promptly at 7pm.

Mad River Glen Siptemberfest Dinner - September 27, 2013
SIPtemberfest Dinner 2013 – photo: Spencer Leonard

For a few years now, the dynamic duo of Sean Lawson and Mike Gerhart have hosted the SIPtemberfest Meet the Brewers Dinner, bring their insights, their talent and some very funny moments to our beer and food pairing. They’ve paired their beer excellently to meals prepared by Chef Michael Witzel, and they’ve entertained

But for 2015 we are going to mix things up a bit…

We are thrilled to welcome our first ever outta-stater host, Tree House Brewing Co. from Monson, MA! Tree House has become a well loved member of the SIPtemberfest Family since 2012 when they first joined our line up. They’ve come-a-long-way-baby since then and we couldn’t be more excited to get to feature not one, but 4 of their beers with our dinner.

At the bottom of the webpage of our second brewer, Zero Gravity Brewing Co., are big bold words proclaiming “Brewed For Food.” So when we were considering brewers to host this year’s dinner, you know it didn’t take too long for us to pair up with Paul Sayler and the crew of brewing magicians at Zero Gravity.

This is going to be an incredible pair and compare! The styles and trademarks of Zero Gravity Brewing and Tree House Brewing are as delicious as they are different! It will be very fun to taste their beers paired with each course, but to compare their brews to each other!

But were not stopping at new brewers! For our final act, (or technically speaking, our first act on the night of,) we are going to kick off things off with a tasty signature cocktail, courtesy of Mad River Distillers. Doors open at 6pm and as guests arrive they will be treated to a cocktail while they mingle.

In addition to all the yummy consumables, guests will be able to directly ask the brewers questions throughout the night. Following the entree course, we will have our raffle, which guests will all be automatically entered into. Over the years our raffle has featured some great prizes from our brewers and sponsors as well as some gems like autographed tap handles and brewery tours. Who knows what could be in store for 2015!?

And now, in case you were curious, here is our Beer & Food Menu for the 2015 Meet the Brewers Dinner:



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