The Enabler

gnome-megshultz16-jwbI’ve often wondered what my super-hero power would be… Flying? Invisibility? Mind Control?

It turns out the answer is: Enabling.

As I sat in the hair salon this morning, flipping through the Seven Daysies Award issue, I was pleasantly surprised to learn I’ve been named Vermont’s Best Beer Geek Enabler, a brand new category (and a great idea for a t-shirt, amiright!?)

I’m super honored to get this nod from Seven Days. But really, I’d like to thank you all for it because if no one came my rinky-dinky little beer fest back in the day, we wouldn’t be having this conversation now! So thanks Team! I’m really looking forward to the 2016 SIPtemberfest and many more to come – I hope you are too!


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