Technical Difficulties

body_sweaterEver have one of those days where everything that’s supposed to work doesn’t? That’s been our last month. So much so, that it’s actually become more comical than stressful. But despite two crashed computers, a broken down car, an overheating cell phone, a possessed smoke detector, an exploding kombucha that took out the refrigerator light, a broken bathtub stopper, a drowned mouse in the dog’s water dish, a minor stab wound from a mechanical pencil, a broken Lawson’s tulip glass, a broken book shelf and ensuing book-alanche, two unrelated flip flop blow outs, an unfortunate incident with a screen door, several hours being held captive by an unruly gang of skunks and a slew of other ridiculous and unbelievable moments, we’ve finally been able to confirm our brewers and compile the beer menu for the Saturday Tasting! **And there was much rejoicing.** (Our menu for the Friday Meet the Brewers Dinner will be released shortly.)

We thank you for your patience and hope you are as exited about our line up as we are! Lots of your trusted favorites, lots of exciting new breweries, all bringing some really incredible offerings! As always, our list is subject to change.  But without further ado:

The 2016 SIPtemberfest Brewery & Beer List

Citizen Cider Unified Press, Northern Spy, Lake Hopper, Wits Up
Drop In Brewing Co. Hazard Belgian Tripel, McKeevers Mild Ale, Supernova IPA
Farnham Ale & Lager #12 Heffeweizen, #35 Bitter, #92 Session IPA, #58 IPA
Fiddlehead Brewing Co. Fall ’97 Session Pale Ale, Overstable Double IPA
Foam Brewers/House of Fermentology Built To Spill Double IPA, The Nameless IPA, Pitted Against Drie Saison, Orange Dot Golden Sour
Frost Beer Works Junior iPA, Lush DIPA
Goodwater Brewery Hoppy Side of Pale, Stange Kolsch Style Ale
Hermit Thrush Brewery Stickney Kriek, Brattleberry, 4* Sour Pale Ale
Idlytime Brewing Co. Idletyme Double IPA, Chocolate Mint Vanilla Porter, Pink n’ Pale
Lawson’s Finest Liquids Chinooker’d IPA, Steve’s Backyard Red, Sip of Sunshine IPA, Super Session #2
Long Trail Brewing Green Blaze IPA, Cranberry Gose
Lost Nation Brewing Mosaic IPA, The Wind (both firkins)
Otter Creek Brewing/Shed Brewery Overgrown APA, Pumpkin Ale, Hellbrook Pils, Double Dose Collaboration with Lawson’s Finest Liquids
Prohibition Pig Brewery Oktoberfest, Bantam DIPA, Downtown Piggy Brown
River Roost Brewery The Miller’s Daughter Pale Ale, Unbound Double IPA
Rock Art Brewery Limited Access DIPA, Bohemian Pilsner, Black Currant Saison, Boubon Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout w/ Orange
Smugglers Notch Distillery Bourbon, Vodka
Stone Corral Brewery Black Beer, Scotch Ale, Oktoberfest, Stampede IPA
Tree House Brewing Co. Julius, Green
Upper Pass Beer Co. First Drop Pale Ale, Lil Pharmhouse Saison, Moove On Up Milk Stout
Zero Gravity Craft Brewery Oktoberfest, Smokey the Beer, Madonna Double IPA

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