Drain Pour

Raise your hand if you think 2020 so far has been a proverbial drain pour.

We knew this year was going to be interesting when we needed to come up with a temporary location. Little did we know then that a global pandemic would alter reality as we know it and ‘social distancing’ would become a thing.

As of now, due to a whole slew of concerns related to COVID-19, the 2020 SIPtemberfest is cancelled. We are totally open to the idea of a group cheers or something online but we are not that savvy with all this Zoomy stuff and we can’t think that far ahead right now anyway. So for the time being, SIP is cancelled this year but we hope to be back in 2021.

Please read the below letter from our trusty captain and say a little beer prayer for us! We will be so incredibly stoked to kick it with you all as soon as we can!

Bonne Santé!!!

Dear Everyone,

Planning events is my jam. I love figuring out the puzzle of how to pull off the best beer fest/art show/wedding ever and nothing is sweeter than when I nail it. But this job is difficult and requires a lot of mental agility under ordinary circumstances. Now, in the wake of COVID-19, we face a whole new level of complexity and we are just starting to learn what that even means.

Event planners globally are scrambling to figure out what will become of our industry, (i.e. our livelihoods,) in the foreseeable future. But nobody really knows when it will be safe to hold large gatherings, what new restrictions and/or protocols will have to be initiated, what liability planners could face, and whether anyone will even feel comfortable attending events. I can tell you first hand that uncertainty of this scope is a logistics nightmare for any event planner. For a one-woman business like Meg’s Events, these unknowns are pretty much deal-breakers.

Sadly, this is all to say that the 2020 season of Meg’s Events is a big, fat, disappointing drain pour. I am cancelling SIPtemberfest, Bear North and probably the Moretown Artisans’ Sale too. My client events such as the Waterbury Arts Fest and others are also cancelled.

I have tried so hard to maintain my cool and not make rash decisions based on the massive dumpster fire of ‘information’ available out there. But after considering all the variables from timing and financial risks, to the health and safety of my friends, family and community, I feel the most responsible thing I can do is flush my 2020 event season and hope that the future has better things in store.

Man, I really hope I am able to weather this storm and bring Meg’s Events back to life next year! In the meantime, I will be navigating the waters as best I can and I hope you can do the same.

Please stay healthy and safe, and also be kind to each other! I look forward to raising a pint with you all down the road!


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