Scroll Down Memory Lane… And WIN!

Hey Team!

Raise your hand if you miss drinking beers with 900 of your friends on the slopes on MRG!!

We are so bummed that we can’t SIP in person this year; we miss you! We miss doing all the things that we have to do to make SIP happen. We miss our crew of volunteers who would shlep up the gear, bang in the fencing and stuff glasses with tokens. We miss hanging our Sponsor banners off the upper deck. We miss watching all the brewers and food trucks rolling in with big smiles on their faces, ready to serve up their goods. We miss watching the entrance line grow while the band does sound check. We miss handing out the glasses and watching the festivities start. We miss the music and the food and the BEER! And raffle for Stark Mountain Foundation and the team photo! We miss playing corn hole and the race to find everything in the scavenger hunt and the folks rocking SIPtemberfest shirts from years past. We even miss checking the portolets and the post event clean up. We miss every single thing about SIP, most especially you all!

Then we were asked to “do something online.”

*Slight Cringe* See, what you have to understand about that is we’re not really into zooming or whatever. We’re of the VCR and stick-shift generation. We mean no disrespect to the online beer fest thing, we just literally don’t understand it. But we are reasonably savvy on the Facebonk and Instathingy. And like we said, we miss you all! Plus everyone could probably use some positive vibes these days so here’s what we’re going to do:

  • Share your SIP pictures, videos and SIP memories with us on Facebonk and Instathingy. Share old or current pictures with you and your friends (or your dogs – we love dogs!) at SIP or in SIP shirts or drinking from SIP glasses. Or share SIP stories, or ask us questions about SIP!?
  • Share and/or tag us (and your favorite SIP brewers etc,) as much as you like between now and Saturday, September 26, 4pm. Shortly after then, we will announce a some WINNERS from everyone who posted. Winners will each get a pair of SIPVIP tickets to 2021!
  • We have some categories in mind like Best Beer Pic, Best Pet, Best Team Photo, maybe an award for the oldest SIP (anyone have pictures from 2008?) We will probably award at least 2-3 pairs of SIPVIP tickets. But that will be a game time decision; it all depends how many entries we get…!

So, how do you like them online beer skills? We will be online periodically and then from 2:30-4:30 on Saturday. Please join us for some socially distanced beer sipping and scrolling through pictures and stories from SIP over the years. Maybe for your effort you’ll get some free tickets to next year!

See below for the things you need to know and a gallery of a few SIP pictures dating back to 2009, (we couldn’t find 2008 images tho – they are probably “real” photos, like from a roll that had to be developed and stuff…)

We can’t wait to see what you post, and we super-dooper can’t wait until this time next year when hopefully we will be neck deep working on SIP 2021!



—The Things—

-Pictures and/or videos should show the SIP logo and/or scene.
-Entries can be from any year (the older the better!) on up to what would have been SIP 2020, Saturday September 26 at 4pm.
-Please include a date and description of the entry.
-Share to our Facebonk Page and/or tag us on Instathingy.
-Entrants must have rights to post images. Please don’t post other people’s images without permission.
-Enter as much as you like.
-Entrants must be over 21 yrs old.
-At least one pair of SIPVIP tickets will be awarded. Winners will be selected at the discretion of the SIPtemberfest Team.

—Memory Lane—

We miss you guys so much!

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