Will SIP 2021 be a thing?

Last year sucked. COVID put the smack down on all of us in ways we never knew were possible. There was a lot of loss and suffering and we are ever so grateful to have survived the pandemic relatively unscathed. Binge watching the Mandalorian, picking up gardening and baking bread was fun and all, but we really missed drinking beer with you guys! Quarantine, social distancing, wearing masks and getting vaccines have made us very, very thirsty.

If -IF- we hold SIPtemberfest this year, it will be Saturday, September 11, at Mad River Glen. But nothing is 100% at this juncture. We still need a few more stars to align before we can make any promises. We will make an official announcement around mid-May so stay tuned.

In the meantime, please be diligent with COVID safety, get your vaccines, follow us on the social media thingies and say little beer prayers for us. And if you want to volunteer with us we have opened our Volunteer Sign Up – we’re always looking for new team members so sign up today!

Now visualize hanging out on a sunny autumn day in the base area of Mad River Glen, tasting glass in hand, beer flowing, music in the air, cute dogs to pet and smiles all around. Om.

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