Funday & Monyay

There’s not one, not two, but three ways to get tickets starting this Sunday!

SMF DONOR EARLY ACCESS If you donated to the Stark Mountain Foundation this past week, thank you for your support of both SMF and SIP! Your donation has earned you not only early access to SIP tickets, but outstanding Karma Points! You will get an email with details about how to get your early online access. Contact us if you don’t get an email by Friday.

POP UP TICKETS Because SIP tickets pair very well with brunch, head up to Mad River Glen on Sunday, June 20 for our one-and-only Pop Up Ticket sale for 2021. And while you’re there maybe take a hike and/or treat yourself to a beer and some french toast? The Stark’s Pub at MRG is open for summer hours and we are taking advantage of that by selling up to 200 tickets over a Bloody Mary and a cheeseburger. Fun, right?! Join us!

Tickets are $48 and we will take cash, check or CC via Venmo. AND you can buy up to 10 tickets! Sales will start at 11am and close at 1pm if we don’t sell out first.

ONLINE TICKETS If you can’t join us Sunday, then set your alarms for Monday, June 21 at 9am. YAY for Monday! Tickets go on sale on Eventbrite. See the link on our Tickets page. It will be password protected until sales start on Monday morning.

Tickets are $48 plus fees. Online sale are limited to 2/purchase.

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