Knock, knock!

Knock knock!

Who’s there!?

Your three nieces!

My three nieces who…!?

Sorry Team. We got a surprise visit from family we haven’t seen in over two years so there was a little unexpected delay in getting you our brewer line up…

BUT, one Harry Potter marathon, three kids bikes, 14 hello kitty bandaids and at least a gallon of maple syrup later and we are hitting the ground running with updates to our brewer line up! And what’s more: we are not done yet. Peruse the list of confirmed brewers and stay tuned for more updates.

Black Flannel Brewing Co :: Collaborative Brewing Co. :: Drop In Brewery :: Fiddlehead Brewing Co. :: Foam Brewers :: Four Quarters Brewing :: Frost Beer Works :: Good Measure Brewing Co. :: Good Water Brewery :: Groennfell Meadery :: Halyard Brewing Co. :: Lawson’ Finest Liquids :: Lost Nation Brewing :: Prohibition Pig Brewery :: Red Clover Ale Co. :: Rock Art Brewery :: Simple Roots Brewing :: Stowe Cider :: The Alchemist :: Upper Pass Beer :: Weird Window Brewing

Also, because we are dorks, here are some jokes for you.

Knock, knock!

Who’s there?


Jahwanna who?

Jahwanna get a beer with me!?

*budumdum ching

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get a ride home from her designated rooster.

*slaps knee and makes old gaffer style laugh

What did you think of that new bar on the moon?

Well, the beer was good but there really wasn’t much atmosphere.

you’re welcome.

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