Safety First

Dear SIPtemberfest Family,

If you want to attend SIPtemberfest, you’re going to have to show proof that you have completed your COVID vaccination. [Full Stop]

I’m telling you now so you have time to make plans accordingly. Snap of photo of your vax card just in case you forget it at home. Make an appointment to get your vaccine if you haven’t already, or, for the first time in SIPtemberfest history, contact me if you just can’t handle getting your vaccine and I will issue you a refund.

For more details, see our COVID Protocols page.

I’m telling you truthfully: if COVID numbers keep growing, if people keep digging in their heels when they are asked to think of their community and not themselves, then you can start kissing events like SIPtemberfest and more goodbye. Small operations like mine were the first to close down and the last to open back up and we probably won’t survive it again if that’s what it comes to. If you really want things to ‘get back to normal’ then let’s really do it. Let’s get back to trusting in science and being respectful and responsible community members. Let’s get back to bickering about important things, like whether lactose or glitter in beer should even be a thing!

If you’re like most people I know and you’re vaccinated, then awesome! This is no big deal. All you have to do is bring your card with you when you check in. Maybe make it the home screen on your phone!? I doubt I’ll be the only business asking for this proof so just stuff it in your wallet and get used to having it on your person.

If you haven’t gotten your vaccine, it’s time man. It’s time.

Finally, if this has triggered you and you’re just chomping at the bit to make rude, passive aggressive comments accusing me of being “political” or “afraid,” please save your breath. I have zero time to field those kinds of comments so they will be ignored and deleted.

On behalf of the entire SIP Team, thanks for your continued support and please make good decisions! We look forward to safely sipping beer with you in September!!



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