Q & A, again.

You guys are excellent question askers.

  • Questions: Holy bejeezums are there any SIP tickets left!?
  • Answer: Yes, but you better have cat-like reflexes and get your online ticket quickly because they are on pace to sell out wicked soon. Last word was that Three Penny Taproom in Montpelier and Hostel Tevere in Warren each had a handful left, so perhaps tonight’s the night you should belly up to one of these fine establishments and get a ticket with your beer…
  • Question: I have a ticket, but I didn’t get it online. Where do I go when I get there?
  • Answer: We will be checking ALL tickets in the fun way: Alphabetically, (blame it on Irene folks… sorry!) We will have multiple lines to move you through quickly, but whether you won a ticket, purchased one online or at the Hostel or TPT, head to the line your last name fits in. Tickets will be listed under the last name of the purchaser, so if the team tickets are under your name, please make sure your whole posse is with you when you enter. ALSO: You MUST HAVE VALID ID to get in. It’s a beer fest. I will send my mother back to the car to get her ID, so no sighing and rolling of eyes when we turn you around too. Thanks in advance for your patience!
  • Question: Pleeeeeease tell me you guys are gonna have extra tokens!?!
  • Answer: Great news! We are selling extra tokens this year! Finally! We are still dialing in the exact way this will go down, but rest assured that if 40 ounces of high octane craft beer isn’t enough for you, you can have a little more.
  • Question: What will the weather be like?
  • Answer: I never get tired of this question. It will be “Vermonty.” This means that absolutely anything is possible. I’m routing for high 60s and sunshine. In fact, let’s all channel our inner-hippies for a second and visualize kickin’ it at SIPtemberfest, under sunshine and foliage, drinking the best beers, listening to amazing music, stuffing our faces with delicious food, laughing, dancing, riding the single chair…Man, it’s a beautiful day!… all that good stuff.
  • Question: What should we bring?
  • Answer: Excellent question. Aside from the aforementioned valid ID, bring a little cash for food and a t-shirt. You can bring your well behaved, leashed dog, but please don’t forget a $@!#bag – thanks. A camera or smart phone so you can snap photos and post them instantly to Facebook bragging to all your friends that you are at SIPtemberfest! You can also bring friends who aren’t drinking – it’s FREE to come hangout!
  • Question: Why didn’t you invite my favorite brewer?
  • Answer: We invite all Vermont brewers that we know of. It’s entirely up to them whether they come or not.  Sometimes its scheduling, sometimes its supply and demand, sometimes it’s trips to Europe… But if you don’t see a brewer you were hoping to see in our line up, let them know you’d love to see them here in the future!
  • Question: What’s the word on the Shuttle?
  • Answer: This our way of getting you from one epic party to another! Alpine Limo will be running a shuttle 11am – 1pm and 4pm-6pm, looping from Hostel Tevere to MRG and back. This is a FREE service, but for good karma, please tip the party-bus driver for making your life easy! We might be adding a stop to the loop so stay tuned…

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Cheers and see you soon!

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