It’s True

Yes, there are NO MORE TICKETS TO SATURDAY! It’s true! There are still tickets to Friday’s Meet the Brewers Dinner and Tasting (which is going to be an amazing event – all beer geeks should try to attend this!) Thank you for the flowers and chocolates and lucrative trade opportunities, however, even if we wanted to sell more tickets we can’t. It’s a matter of having enough beer for everyone, as well as having enough space! We don’t want this SIPtemberfest to be Sardinefest!

Oh wait – but there are more tickets to Saturday! You have 2 more chances to WIN SIP VIP tickets (entry for two, including 10 tokens and a souvenir glass each, two t-shirts and more,) and all you have to do is enter one or both of our contests! Both are going on right now!

So if you didn’t get your tickets to Saturday already, I can officially say “I told you so.” Sign up to get these posts emailed directly to you (‘Fresh SIPs’ on the top right hand part of this page) so you don’t miss out next year and then enter as much as you like for your chance to win tickets to this year!

Cheers and good luck!

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