So A Cow Walks Into A Bar…

At this point we are all aware that Vermont has both the most cows and  the most craft breweries per capita than any other state in the Union. Which means it’s a darn good thing cows aren’t allowed in bars.

In classic Vermont fashion, of our “big” brewers, only one and a half crack the Top 50 Largest Craft Breweries list. But they are all on the 2012 SIPtemberfest Brewer’s Line Up:

  • Long Trail Brewing Co.– The 15th largest Craft Brewery in the  US, Long Trail opened it’s doors in 1989 and has been happily cranking along ever since. They also pay serious attention to the impact they have on their local environment and practice an environmentally minded brewing processes. PLUS, in addition to bringing some high octane players to SIPtemberfest, they are also bringing kegs of Water and will be teaming up with the Mad River Path Association in our Water Tent. They will be serving up compostable cups of refreshing water so you can stay hydrated and not let the high octane get to you!
  • Otter Creek Brewing – Otter Creek opened it’s doors in 1991 with their Copper Ale. In 1997 their Wolaver’s became the first USDA-certified organic brewery. But in addition to being at SIPtemberfest on Saturday, they will be sitting along side Lawson’s Finest Liquids on Friday at our Meet the Brewers Dinner and Tasting at Mad River Glen. So you’ll get the chance to both SIP and  Savor their beers.
  • Magic Hat Brewing Co – Not known for being plain, Magic Hat has always put a special twist on their brand, embracing unique flavors and creating some of the most incredible artwork in their labels. You also get a beer fortune ever time you pop the top. For example tonight’s fortunes were: “Be a traveler not a tourist” and “How much for the goat?”
  • Harpoon Brewing Co – The Half brewery on the aforementioned  list, Harpoon boasts 8th amongst the largest craft breweries, however since their big sister facility has a wicked Boston accent, Vermont can’t take full credit. Nonetheless, Harpoon is spot on with their brewing and has a vast selection of beers – and even cider, which they will be pouring at SIPtemberfest.

And just a couple quick and friendly reminders:

  • Saturday tickets are SOLD OUT. They will not be available at the gate.
  • You do not need to bring your ticket. We will be checking you in by your last name.
  • If you are buying/selling tickets amongst yourselves that’s fine BUT!!! YOU MUST EMAIL US SO WE CAN CHANGE THE NAMES ON OUR END!

And most importantly:

  • We will be releasing the full beer menu soon so stay tuned! (Get the Memo! Sign up for Fresh SIPs on the top right hand side of the page and get these posts emailed right to you so you’ll never miss a drop! )

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