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They say beauty is in the eye of the beer holder. But did you have any idea how well art and beer go together? Try going to etsy and searching ‘beer’ and you’ll be amazed – either by the amount of awesome crafty beer art or how crafty beer drinkers are, or both! But whether beer craft, or craft beer is more your flavor, one thing their respective creators have in common: they do it for the love of beer.

All of our brewers and distillers are artists in their fields, but in particular, we’d like to highlight these three for continuing to raise the bar as far as quality and innovation go.

  • Bobcat Cafe & Brewery – Claude Monet’s work is usually applauded by art lovers who see the overwhelming beauty that emanates from his canvases but overlook the complex technique and composition of the work. Similarly Bobcat head brewer Mark Magiera applies passion, creativity and precision to his beers resulting in beers that are absolutely amazing, both to the average beer lover who will appreciate the overall flavor and the beer connoisseur who will delight in all the finer notes his beers carry.
  • Zero Gravity Brewing – Housed in the artisan pizza restaurant American Flatbread, Zero Gravity beers are intentionally artistic by nature. With flavors that are perhaps less common to American palettes, ZG’s beers would be the Joan Miro of Vermont beers, with a sort of beautiful and playful chaos to them. But because of their complexity, they are also wonderful beers to pair food with, allowing you to adventure toward flavor combinations that you’d never expect to enjoy! Most recently Zero Gravity’s Grissette (5%) was paired with Dark Chocolate Covered Orange Peel  and it was pretty much mind blowing.
  • The Alchemist – What a year it’s been for the Kimmichs. They open the cannery, and then their pub gets flooded and they can’t reopen it. But when life drowned them with lemons, John & Jen refocused their energies on producing one beer perfectly. And according to both and, they are doing just that.  Their masterpiece, Heady Topper has become one of the best and hardest to find beers, typically selling out twice a week . So only a year after opening, the cannery is already undergoing an expansion, which rumor has it will allow for some resurrections of our old pub favorites! For the meantime, however, we are very excited to have them pouring Heady at SIPtemberfest!

So that’s the last of the of the brewer highlights! We will post the complete beer menu tomorrow so stay tuned! Sign up for Fresh Sips (top right hand side of the this page) and get our posts emailed directly to you!

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