All I Got Was This T-Shirt

Clearly the main reason you all come to SIPtemberfest is for the beer. But the atmosphere is unrivaled. The music is great and the food – oh my gosh! – the food is amazing.

And every year we’ve had t-shirts for sale that you wear proudly to the bar, on the work site, to your friend’s wedding (ok – that didn’t go over very well,) but the point is, our Made In the USA shirts are comfortable and cool and you have a collection of them.

This year, in addition to our popular t-shirts made by New Duds, we will have some new retail items which are equally as fun and fashionable as they are functional.

  • Nothing is more representative of our beer-geek culture than Hops. Hence the genius Hoptique from alena botanica. You’ve probably seen the seriously bad ass trucker hats, but did you know there’s more? We will have the super cute hops scarves and the omg-I-need-one cooler bags so you can stylishly hold your cold beverages without looking like a gaper. Locally made right over the hill in Beerbury (aka Waterbury) you can find more of alena botanica’s sweet stuff online.
  • Ok, so maybe nothing is more representative of our beer-geek culture than hops, but drinking vessels make a strong case for second place, which is why we will have two locally crafted varieties of steins for you to take home and proudly display amongst your beer trophies. The first is an exclusive line of pottery made by the uber talented Leslie Montalto of Waitsfield. Hand etched with hops, these limited edition mugs will happily contain your frothy beverage, be it a coffee stout or a stout coffee, for years to come. Also available will be a  selection of glass steins blown by Michael Egan. Egan’s unique and stunning glass steins will compliment the craft in your craft brew and offer an impressive presentation on the table. Egan is also providing a surprise door prize for our Friday Meet the Brewers Dinner & Tasting!
  • Our SIPteberfest swag will be beefed up a little bit too! New this year we will have a very limited # of HOODIES for sale! Plus at 4:30, we will start selling extra glasses to folks on their way out. You’ll be walking right past our retail booth on the way in and out so be sure to take a look and take some stuff home with you


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