The leaves are starting to turn, there is a definite crispy chill in the air and there is a dangerous tissue shortage at SIPtemberfest HQ. But despite the sniffles and sneezes, we’ve been working around the clock, getting all the last minute details ironed out for your SIPping pleasure. The all-knowing “they” say that patience is a virtue, and while that may not be true if you, say, wait to but tickets to SIPtemberfest, it is true if you say, were waiting to find out if you won tickets, or were trying to find out the Friday Meet the Brewers Dinner Menu!

Please take a look at some of the Important Updates we have for you below and contact us if you have any questions or comments!! Thanks and cheers!

  • OMG!! Did I Win!?! We are STILL ACCEPTING ENTRIES for our Joke Contest (2 Saturday VIP tickets up for grabs) and our Beer + Food Photo Contest (2 tickets to Friday’s dinner could be yours!) But we are giving away our last “Like” ticket to Eileen Solecki Ruhl! Congratulations Eileen! Your ticket will be under your name at Will Call on the day of. We will announce our last two winners by FRIDAY this week to enter as often as you like by emailing
  • OMG!! What will the menu be for the Friday Meet the Brewers Dinner? After much back and forth, we have finally confirmed the food and beer line up and we are sure you are going to like it! Click here for details. If you need to change your order from regular to vegetarian, email and we’ll take care of you. Don’t forget there are 2 tickets that will be given away to one lucky photographer! See above for info.
  • OMG!! Do I need to print out my tickets for Saturday? YES!! And you need to bring an ID. We will have lines divided by ticket purchaser’s last name but we will be scanning you in. If you bought tickets for your entourage, either arrive together or contact us with any ticket name changes. If you purchased your tickets at one of our retail outlets, won tickets, were able to score some from the wait list or have an industry pass, you can go to the Will Call line. You will still need your ID. Click here for more ticket info.
  • OMG!! SIPtemberfest has some awesome Sponsors!! Yes, we do. In fact, be sure to check out your SIP Menu for deals and listings. These companies are all craft-beer geeks just like us! Think of them the next time you want to go out for a dinner and drinks, get a tshirt, go skiing, rent a tent and more!

That’s all for now team. Remember that this is a rain or shine event so in the event it’s not shining out, come prepared! And now visualize a nice sunny day…


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