Thanks and cheers!

Post-SIPtemberfest Greetings to you all!!

The crew at TeamSIP are finally resembling human form again, after one heckova fun weekend. Our 10th Anniversary was everything we could have asked for – adorable dogs, gorgeous weather, great food, amazing beer, mind-blowing coffee, a breakfast special from the Stark’s Pub that was simply next level, and most of all, getting to hang out with 1000+ of our favorite people all weekend long!

THANK YOU ALL SO DANG MUCH! The SIPFamily is a special one and we are so grateful that we get to do this year in and year out.  To all our awesome attendees and talented vendors, our tireless volunteers and our generous sponsors, and everyone involved in SIPtemberfest: From the bottom of our hearts, with full glasses in hand, THANKS AND CHEERS!

And now that the dust has settled, all our fencing is rolled up, our sunburns and blisters and bruises are healing and we’ve caught up on sleep, we are already looking forward to next year.

SIPtemberfest 2018 will be at the same Bat-time, same Bat-place: September 22 & 23, at Mad River Glen. And though we know little more than that at this time, we can tell you that SIPBeer might see a teeny increase in the number of brewers we have in attendance, and that SIPCoffee is not an event you should miss next year – it will revolutionize the way you caffeinate!

Also – stay tuned for more info including some exclusive perks for SIP ticket holders at MRG and possibly more.

Thanks again and we can’t wait to see you next year,


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