Beer makes it all better…

Thanks to you all for your patience!¬†Cleaning up after Irene has been a task, mentally, physically and emotionally. QUICK SHOUT OUT To all the amazing people who have volunteered anywhere and everywhere across this state – those of us hit can barely put words together to thank you for your support! You have brought musclesContinue reading “Beer makes it all better…”

Spot The Shot/Caption Contest #1

This is for real! It’s time for the first Win-a-ticket SIPGame! We are giving away TWO individual tickets – one for the FIRST PERSON to correctly identify the location of this shot and ONE for the best Caption! You can enter on here or on Meg’s Events Facebook page, but please let us know howContinue reading “Spot The Shot/Caption Contest #1”

Let the Games Begin!

[Editor’s Note: Yes, this is mostly a repeat post. Some of the publishing formats on WordPress are a little awkwardly designed and easy to eff-up, especially when a certain someone is without ample sleep and/or caffeine. I apologize for the plethora of SIP posts today – I never intend to spam and there won’t beContinue reading “Let the Games Begin!”