Beer makes it all better…

Thanks to you all for your patience! Cleaning up after Irene has been a task, mentally, physically and emotionally.

  • QUICK SHOUT OUT To all the amazing people who have volunteered anywhere and everywhere across this state – those of us hit can barely put words together to thank you for your support! You have brought muscles and tools, smiles and hugs, and of course beer! I raise my glass to you!
  • ANOTHER QUICK SHOUT OUT To our friends and fellow beer geeks at the Alchemist who were also hit awfully hard by Irene – but are still cranking out cans of their yummy Heady Topper (which I’m renaming Flood Stopper since it’s helping me not go insane during this rough stretch.) Heartfelt cheers to you!

And while clean up is nowhere near done, (click here for information on how you can help) we are finally able to (sort-of) get back to work! And man, thinking about beer has never been a better way to get things off my mind! So without further ado, I present you with our current Brewers Line-Up for SIPtemberfest 2011!

*** Brewers Line-Up for SIPtemberfest 2011 ***
… with quotes found in reviews of their brews …

We may not be done yet… so be sure to stay tuned! Keep in mind that tickets are going quickly so don’t forget to get yours before it’s too late. You can do it right now at or you can get them at Hostel Tevere in Warren or Three Penny Taproom in Montpelier.

The Elusive Beer List

I bet you want to know what beer will be at SIPtemberfest, huh.

Well for several reasons that list will not be published right away, but let me give you a small sampling of some the breweries that we have lined up this year, just to whet your appetite.  Check it out and then get your tickets before it’s too late!

  • Lawson’s Finest Liquids – There are some vicious rumors floating around that LFL will not be at the SIP this year. There are also rumors that Elvis Presley will be at the SIP this year… I can’t confirm the Elvis story, but I can confirm that Lawson’s will be joining us again and that’s that.
  • Bobcat Cafe & Brewery – There are also some vicious rumors about Bobcat not being at the SIP this year. [Dear Vicious Rumor Starters: speak only of what you know please!] Bobcat will also be back at the SIP this year and that’s a fact.
  • The Shed Pub & Brewery – One of last year’s most popular brewers will be pouring again this year!
  • Switchback Brewery – Ask and you shall receive! Switchback Brewery will be returning to the SIP after a year off! We are SO excited to welcome them back – and I’ll bet you are too!
  • The Vermont Beer Company – If you haven’t heard of these guys, boy, oh boy are you  in for a treat! They may be new, but my gosh, they are good!
  • Many more… No seriously, many more…! This isn’t even close to the full line up. We have a bunch of other amazing breweries scheduled to bring their best and hardest-to-find beers for your sipping pleasure and we are still working with some of your favorites to get them to join us again. If you don’t see your favorite brewery on this list, you might just tell them you’d love to see them at the 2011 SIP!